Businesses and individual users that launch their first website usually select the cheapest shared hosting solution. That is quite obvious because new platforms with limited users don’t require high customization, lots of resources, and full control over the server. However, with the growth of the traffic, this hosting solution should be upgraded to the next level.

Reasonable UK dedicated server hosting is an ideal option for all who need a more powerful solution and whose traffic activity continues to grow. In this article, we will discuss several use cases for the dedicated server so if that topic sounds interesting just continue reading.

Signals That You Might Need to Switch to The Dedicated Server

The choice of the dedicated server is an important step so you should know when is the right time to invest in this hosting solution. Here are some signals that you need to switch to the dedicated server:

–       The growth of the traffic activity. This is probably the major sign that you need to switch to the dedicated server. More users means that you need more storage, bandwidth, and memory usage for the functioning of your platform. Slower loading time will lead to poor performance and lower search engine ratings.

–       Better security. For safety reasons, you might need to configure your server accordingly. Unfortunately, advanced configuration options are extremely limited and sometimes even absent with shared hosting. That’s why if security is critical for your business, you can add additional levels of protection with dedicated server hosting. Due to the isolated environment of this hosting, you can configure SSL certificates, security protocols, firewalls, and much more.

–       More flexibility and control. Users with advanced tech skills will definitely benefit from the root access. A full control over the server and the possibility to install the needed software, OS, and databases greatly maximize the opportunities. That’s why, if you need a tailored server then dedicated hosting is your choice.

5 Use Cases For The Dedicated Server

Website Hosting

Of course, lots of users prefer VPS or shared plans for website hosting and that is obvious. These packages are way cheaper, but once you have higher traffic activity on your website, then you might need more resources and shared hosting cannot offer smooth function in such circumstances.

The performance of your website is extremely important not only for the current clients but also for your search engine rating and future users. The response time of the webpages can directly influence the site rating so a dedicated server can greatly improve the performance characteristics.

Backups With a Dedicated Server

The security of sensitive data has become the most impactful topic in recent years. So many tools and technologies are used for better protection and a dedicated server can also help significantly. Because of the isolated nature of the dedicated server, you can be sure that no one reaches your confidential information easily.


Save the most sensitive information on the dedicated server and switch on regular automatic backups to improve the security level. You can easily specify the needed time frame for the automatic backups of the data. It can be done even on a daily basis if that is something you need.

Server for Huge Databases

Processes as well as apps that function on huge databases need lots of resources. That’s why a dedicated server can be a perfect option for intensive databases with such technologies as MySQL, Microsoft SQL, or Oracle.

Dedicated servers are perfect not only because of access to any data forms but also because of the configuration possibilities and specifically due to the customized software.

Video Streaming/Conferences

Lots of corporations are now oriented on the unified-communication-as-as-service and for this purpose, unlimited bandwidth and streaming of big-size video might be needed. In such a situation, a dedicated server is probably the only suitable variant for streaming huge files and there are almost no other alternatives because the VPS doesn’t offer the same number of required resources. Moreover, with such a solution, it is possible to transmit big files without any issues.

SaaS apps

One more popular use case for the dedicated server is hosting of B2B applications specifically SaaS ones.


Lots of organizations prefer a dedicated server for this type of hosting instead of the VPS mainly because of the stability and security of such an option. Moreover, the users have full control over all the processes on the server and there is minimum downtime.

Summing up

The dedicated server under your entire control with a diversity of configuration options is a perfect option for lots of companies. This option will perfectly work for backups, SaaS apps, video streaming, huge databases, and of course website hosting with big traffic volumes. Hope you have a better understanding of the dedicated server user cases and now know when is the right time to switch to this server.