Here are the five crucial scenarios where you will need the expertise of family law attorneys. Learn when you should get help for complex family matters.

Dealing with legal problems is tough and can really take a toll on you. When it’s about family matters, you might hesitate to involve a lawyer, thinking it’s not necessary.

But it’s a smart move because family law attorneys know how to sort things out without going to court. They also have loads of experience in family court and can handle all that confusing paperwork.

Scottsdale family law lawyers at Burggraff Tash Levy PLC can help you reach the outcome you desire, no matter what the situation.

Here are the 5 common instances where you might want family law attorneys.

1. Divorce

Going through a divorce ranks among the most challenging experiences in life. It marks the end of a lifelong commitment and the upheaval of a family unit. If you’re considering or already facing divorce, finding experienced family law attorneys is important.

Divorce involves complex legal matters regarding children and property, often requiring resolution in court. Both parties often feel entitled to more, making the division of custody, assets, savings, and numerous other belongings nearly impossible. To avoid a messy situation, you need the expert guidance of family law attorneys.

They can help you navigate the entire process and even take care of the legal documentation process. Moreover, they have good negotiation skills to manage out-of-court settlements.

2. Child Custody

If you find the divorce process complex, wait till you have to deal with a child custody case. When children are part of a breakup, it adds a whole new layer of complexity.

As caring parents, your priority remains your child’s well-being, regardless of feelings toward your ex-partner. Courts align with this principle, shaping laws around the child’s best interests. The aim typically revolves around fostering healthy relationships with both parents while ensuring the child’s safety.

However, it is easier said than done. Due to conflict between the parents, the child has to suffer. A child custody lawyer advocates for your case professionally, striving for a resolution that considers both your perspective and, importantly, your child’s needs.

3. Adoption Cases

Navigating the legal journey to become a parent to a child under 18, separate from their biological parents, can be a lengthy and challenging process. The court is very strict in this process to ensure that you are a suitable guardian for the child.

The process involves lots of legal work, and you have to meet the eligibility criteria. There is also a lot of documentation, which can be difficult to handle.

A family law lawyer streamlines your case. They will create a robust application highlighting your qualifications and demonstrating why you are the right candidate for adoption. While complex, successful adoption paves the way for the family life you and your adopted child deserve.

Private adoptions are illegal, emphasizing the importance of following proper procedures. A family law lawyer is often your best ally in making this transformative process a reality.

4. Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence is a grave matter, and the steps a victim takes can vary based on the abuse’s nature and intensity. While involving authorities is often necessary, a family lawyer can secure lasting protection through legal measures.

They also play a crucial role in safeguarding children from risky situations. While not the only resource, a family lawyer assists in obtaining legal outcomes and necessary financial support. They can help empower you to rebuild your life securely.

5. Making Estate Plans And Wills

Creating and updating estate plans and wills is an ongoing process. It ensures asset protection after your passing or in situations where you’re unable to act or decide.

A will outlines asset distribution among dependents, while an estate plan is a more detailed version. It covers asset management and ownership. It shields heirs from potential liabilities and legal complexities during asset transfers.

These documents are crucial for any caring family member. However, creating them can be daunting if you lack direction. Moreover, their validity hinges on proper legal procedures.

A family law lawyer guides you through preparing these documents and ensures their legal validity. They offer invaluable advice and assistance in this essential process.

What is Family Law?

Family law, also referred to as matrimonial law, focuses on legal affairs and relationships among family members.


It covers marital unions, civil partnerships, and domestic connections. Family law also addresses issues like divorce, child custody, support, financial settlements, adoption, domestic violence, and more. Family lawyers may specialize in specific areas or handle a range of cases within this diverse field.

What is a Family Lawyer?

A Family Lawyer manages legal matters within a family circle.


They handle various issues like divorce, estate affairs, and domestic conflicts and provide guidance on adoption and guardianship. They represent clients in court for disputes and also offer counsel on family-related legalities.

Why Should You Hire a Family Law Lawyer?

Here are some important reasons why you must hire family law attorneys:

1. Safeguarding your rights

A family lawyer stands by your side, ensuring your rights are protected across diverse legal issues.

2. Experienced Advocacy

Amidst emotional family cases, a lawyer familiar with local courts provides invaluable guidance through the intricate legal system.

3. Precise legal documentation

Your family lawyer manages the paperwork, ensuring its legality averting future surprises.

4. Supportive guidance

A family lawyer helps you in navigating emotional complexities in matters like child custody.

5. Peace of mind

Engaging a family lawyer alleviates concerns about legal intricacies. You’re relieved of documentation, deadlines, or understanding of legal terminology.

6. Closure and moving forward

In divorces or separations, a family lawyer brings closure, helping you get a fresh start.


Involving a lawyer in your family matters may seem unnecessary, but it is a smart move for your own benefit. These issues can get really messy and leave a permanent dent in your relationships.


Family law attorneys can help you deal with these cases in a decent manner and get the outcome you deserve. However, make sure you choose a good lawyer to represent your case.