In a world where CBD products are taking the wellness market by storm, a recent survey conducted by Statista revealed some intriguing insights. CBD gummies proudly claimed the top spot with a whopping 58 percent preference, closely followed by capsules and CBD oils/tinctures tied at 55 percent.

Does it mean gummies reign supreme over pills? Well, the answer is not as straightforward as you might think. Let’s find out which is better, CBD pills or gummies:

A Little About CBD Pills

Looking for a CBD experience that’s as straightforward as popping a pill? Enter CBD pills, the discreet superheroes of cannabidiol consumption. Encased in convenient capsules, these little wonders offer precise dosages without any taste or odor. With their consistent absorption rates,

CBD pills ensure a reliable and controlled journey to wellness. Say goodbye to the guessing game and embrace the power of CBD in a no-fuss, no-mess format.

A Little About CBD Gummies

You might have seen an ad for CBD gummies for pain or sleep support and wondered if it is good. Yes, CBD gummies, the playful rockstars of the CBD world, are here to turn your wellness routine into a delightful treat. These chewy, tasty edibles are infused with cannabidiol, offering a fun and enjoyable way to consume CBD.

With various flavors and shapes to choose from, CBD gummies provide a delicious alternative for those seeking a more enjoyable CBD experience. Whether you’re a candy lover or simply looking to add some sweetness to your routine, CBD gummies are ready to satisfy your taste buds while delivering the potential benefits of CBD.

But do gummies work better than pills? Let’s check the differences.

CBD Pills Vs. CBD Gummies

1. Consumption Method


CBD pills are taken orally and swallowed like any other pill, while CBD gummies are chewed and consumed like regular gummies. Moreover, they are tasteless, and gummies come in different flavors to indulge in. But are capsules better than gummies? Yes, if you only want to mask the earthy taste of CBD and don’t want unnecessary flavors, capsules are a good choice. And if you want a tasty treat instead of earthy flavor, gummies are for you.

2. Absorption Rate

CBD soft gels and. gummies are typically absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream due to their direct ingestion. CBD pills are merely soft gel coating that overcomes the first-pass digestion phase. CBD gummies, on the other hand, had to go through first-pass digestion before absorbing in the blood, resulting in a slower onset of effects.

3. Taste and Flavor Options

CBD pills are designed to be swallowed whole, similar to any other pills, capsules, and softgels.

They are often tasteless and odorless, focusing primarily on delivering CBD content without any additional flavors or tastes. CBD pills vs. oil offer a neutral and straightforward consumption experience.


On the flip side, CBD gummies offer a wide range of flavors and tastes. They come in various fruity, sweet, and tangy flavors, mimicking traditional gummy candies. This variety allows users to select their preferred flavor profile, making the CBD consumption process more enjoyable and customizable.

4. Onset Time

CBD pills generally have a faster onset time, as the CBD is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. CBD gummies take longer to kick in since they need to be digested first, delaying the onset of effects.

5. Additional Ingredients

CBD gummies often have added sugar, artificial flavors, and colors to improve taste and appearance, while CBD pills typically have minimal extra ingredients. CBD pills primarily focus on CBD extract and necessary capsule components, making them a preferred choice for those who want a simpler and more basic CBD product.


CBD pills and gummies differ in several key aspects. While CBD pills offer a tasteless and odorless experience, CBD gummies provide a delightful and customizable taste experience. The choice between the two ultimately depends on personal preferences, convenience, and desired consumption methods for enjoying the benefits of CBD.