Trucking companies are responsible for most freight movement in the country. Therefore, it is common to come across a truck accident when driving on highways and public roads.

In 2021, over 3,000 fatal truck accidents were recorded in Canada. This statistic reflects the damage recorded, especially when trucks collide with smaller vehicles.

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In this article, we’ll examine some scary facts about truck accidents and discuss how drivers can protect themselves. Read on for more details.

Major Causes of Truck Accidents

Let’s look at some of the major causes of truck accidents:

  • Drivers that disregard traffic rules: Most people ignore basic traffic rules. For example, drivers should avoid being in the blind spot when driving next to or behind a truck. Also, they must indicate early when changing lanes and be patient when using an entry or exit. However, this isn’t always the case.
  • Reckless driving: Sometimes, truck drivers are in a rush to meet deadlines. This results in careless driving and can cause gruesome accidents involving multiple parties.
  • Poor roads: Imagine a speeding truck filled with cargo hitting a large pothole. It may lose control and crash.  

5 Scary Facts About Truck Accidents

So, what are the most scary facts about truck accidents?

The Cargo Can Lead to Accidents

Truck carriages and cargo are a direct cause of most truck accidents. The severity of the accidents depends on the type of cargo. For instance, trucks carrying fuel and flammable substances can result in explosions.

Defective carriages and poor packaging can also be a problem. Liable parties in such cases can be carriage operators, warehouse packaging, and loading attendants.

More Truck Accidents Happen During the Day

You’d expect many accidents to occur at night due to visibility issues. Surprisingly, there are more truck accidents in the daytime because of the number of road users. The numerous mistakes and neglect made by other motorists could potentially lead to collisions.

Brake Failure Is Normal for Loaded Trucks

The recommended spacing between trucks and other vehicles is between 20%-40%. This is because of their inability to brake properly due to heavy loads, which can worsen on hilly or bad roads.


Additionally, applying emergency brakes can be challenging. Most loaded trucks require relative time to engage their braking system and stop entirely.

Many Fatal Collisions Occur in Rural

Another scary fact is that gruesome truck accidents mainly happen on rural highways. True to that, most truck companies that need large parking slots, warehouses, and factories are in rural areas. This makes the nearby roads a hub for multiple impending incidents.

These rural roads connect to major cities. Therefore, be alert when driving on such roads or during a long trip.

Truck Accident Trial Processes are Complex

Suing the negligent party, such as a truck or loading company, is a long process. To get fair compensation, you’ll need to overcome various barriers.

Collaborative Law or collaborative practice, divorce or family law on a desk.

Unfortunately, insurance companies can be stubborn in these situations, sometimes pressuring victims to accept less compensation. A credible truck accident lawyer can help ease the process and secure coverage for all possible damages.


The most scary facts about truck accidents involve the areas where incidents occur, timelines, mechanical failure, type of cargo, and the trial process. As a truck operator, be aware of other drivers’ behavior and always confirm if your cargo is loaded correctly. Similarly, smaller vehicle drivers should adhere to traffic laws.

If you’re, unfortunately, involved in a collision due to unavoidable circumstances, contact an experienced truck accident lawyer for professional legal help.