Pregnancy is a magical process. To me, the thought of life growing inside is astounding. And I loved being pregnant. That’s not to say that either of my pregnancies was textbook-perfect. While expectations included a nice pregnancy glow and a zen state; my reality consisted of endless morning sickness, nausea, fatigue, and a leaky bladder. Not to mention all the difficulties that came with the baby bump.

We are often prepared for the common physiological side effects of pregnancy. But maneuvering life with a baby bump, not so much. If you’re pregnant, here are 6 tasks that might be difficult to do with your baby bump:

Baby Bumps: When Does It Show?

Typically baby bumps show in your second trimester within your 12-16th week especially if it’s your first pregnancy. 

However, if it’s your second or third pregnancy, you might notice your baby bump in the first trimester. This is because the stomach muscles that have been stretched in the previous pregnancies have not yet retained their original size.

As your pregnancy progresses and your child grows, your bump becomes more visible, becoming as big as a watermelon when it’s time to pop.

Baby Bump: Tasks That Become Difficult:

Every woman will have a different pregnancy experience. But they also share a common ground – the difficulties experienced with your baby bump. Here are some tasks that we all are likely to struggle with when having a baby bump.

Getting A Good Night’s Rest:

Those who slept on their stomachs can kiss sound sleep goodbye as your bump grows. Donut-shaped pillows might be useful only in the early growing stage. 

The recommended position for sleeping is side-lying, as it places the least pressure on your internal organs and veins. Even then, changing sides can be difficult with your bump.

What could once be performed in a single movement, now might take you a series of movements, most of which can awaken you from your sleep.

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Getting Up:

When you’re with a baby bump getting up from any surface can be a chore. Be it the bed, a chair, or a sofa, it can seem as if you’re lifting yourself from a bean bag. 

The trick is to shuffle to the edge of the surface, plant your feet firmly on the ground, and use your hands to push yourself off from the surface.

Wearing Shoes With Your Baby Bump:

If you ever want a Cinderella moment, now is the time. Ask your Prince Charming to help you with your shoes, as it’s really difficult to tie those laces on your own.

Your baby bump is also likely to interfere with you wearing your socks, painting your toes, and even looking down at the weighing scale (which in hindsight may be a good thing). 

Invest in a good pair of open comfortable strapless shoes if you would like to retain your independence. Else, get your partner to help you with shoes before they’re out the door.

Baby Bump Dressing Difficulty:

How does your bump make this difficult? Well for starters, you might run out of comfortable clothes that can accommodate your growing bump.

Furthermore, dressing becomes a precarious balancing act. Ever tried to remove your jeans while standing up? Don’t!! Remember to sit and be safe instead.


Washing dishes, cleaning every nook and corner, lifting your shopping bags, and other household chores can get difficult with your baby bump

Your movements are restricted,  endurance is low and you will have to take frequent breaks, either for heading to the restroom or to rest yourself. 

You need to take care that you’re not lifting heavy objects, bending at your back, or exerting yourself too much. Practicing safe movements and body postures is vital when you’re pregnant.

For example, instead of bending to pick an object, bend at the knees, to go low. Avoid carrying heavy loads to prevent straining your back.

While it’s nice to take a day off from housework once in a while, during pregnancy, you might find your work piling up and yourself with little zeal to get to it.

washing the dishes can be difficult with a baby bump

Having Baby Bump While Taking Care Of Your Toddlers:

Caring for your toddler when pregnant is not easy. Your baby bump will limit your ability to carry them, rock them to sleep, run behind, and even play actively with them

 Additionally, you will have to be wary of your child’s movements, ensuring that your child does not accidentally kick or hit your bump. This causes you to be cautious when cuddling or engaging in some roughhousing with them.

Final Word

Pregnancy is an exciting time, whether you’re a first-time mother or not. It’s like a roller coaster ride, with many highs and lows.

The difficulties faced due to your baby bump can be a small bump (pun intended) on your pregnancy journey.

But with a bit of creative ingenuity on your part, you can coast through these difficulties and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy experience.

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