It isn’t easy to look like yourself in photos, especially after having a baby. But there are lots of tricks that will help you look slimmer in pictures. In this post, we’ll share 7 tips that you’ll find useful when taking photos. But before we get down to the tips, we’d like to remind you that embracing your natural body shape is essential. Remember, diversity has beauty, and focusing on overall health and self-acceptance is more important than conforming to some beauty standards. Now, let’s begin.

Sit on the Edge

If you’re taking a photo sitting, you can try sitting on the edge of your seat instead of sitting against the back of the chair. This trick will make your body look longer and thinner. You can also put your feet a little further to elongate the look of your legs.

Cross Your Legs

Crossing your legs at the ankle can create a more flattering shape when posing for a full-body shot. This pose elongates your legs and adds a touch of elegance to the overall image. If you don’t want to cross the ankles, try putting one foot in front of the other.

Move the Shoulders Back

Proper posture helps create a more elongated and streamlined appearance in pictures, making you appear taller and leaner. Another bonus is that it gives you a confident look, which is important when taking photos.


So, stand up straight, lift your chest, and roll back your shoulders.

Avoid a Double Chin

You can avoid a double chin in your pictures by elongating your neck. You’ll only need to tilt your head just slightly upwards – push your chin forward and lift it while keeping your eyes focused on the camera. This is a good technique that helps define your jawline and make the face look slimmer.

Tilt the Hips Back

Do you also wonder how all Instagram bloggers take photos with a thigh gap? Here’s a trick you should try out – tilting your hips back. Just do what is necessary to keep a natural look.

Control Your Arms

When taking a photo, it’s hard to figure out what to do with your hands. There are some common ways to use your arms. For example, you can rest your hands on your hips or lightly touch your face for a more natural look. You should avoid pressing your arms against your body, as it can create the illusion of extra weight. Instead, keep a slight gap between your arms and your torso.

Mind the Outfit

Your outfit is equally important as your poses. Here are a few recommendations to look slimmer postpartum. First, most of your old clothes might not fit you after having a baby, so it’s better to get something new – ill-fitting clothes can make even top models look worse.


You should also go for single-colored outfits to create clean lines and visually elongate your body. Many fashion experts suggest clothes with vertical lines or patterns to create a slimming effect. Oversized outfits are one of the biggest trends of recent years, but overly baggy clothes might not be the best choice for a photo, so try to avoid them when shooting.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we’ve talked about 7 ways to look better in your photos after having a baby. The posing tips we’ve shared suit people of different ages and body shapes so that you can use them with no problem.

But if you still need to be happier with your photos, you can use a free body editor to perfect your body and face in post-production. For example, you can easily make the waist slimmer, lengthen the legs, remove the double chin, and more. Now that you know everything about how to look slimmer in your photos, you can practice it immediately and enjoy the results.