As parents, we want our children to excel in all life aspects. Sadly, due to the increasing pressure of society, some parents tend to focus solely on academics, disregarding the value of extracurricular activities in their children’s overall development. Here are nine reasons to engage your little ones in extracurricular activities and tips for choosing the right ones.

Develops Social Skills

Most kids these days lack efficient social skills, as they’re constantly attached to their gadgets. Extracurricular activities can help enhance how they communicate and interact with their peers. They also have a chance to meet individuals with various cultural backgrounds, teaching them the value of respect and diversity. Since they’ll be working in groups, your child will learn how to work well with others, which will benefit them later on.

Enhances Physical Health

Another benefit children can get from extracurricular activities is enhanced physical health. Physical extracurricular activities can encourage kids to exercise regularly, reducing their risks of obesity and other chronic diseases.

Provide Confidence

Increased confidence is one of the most significant advantages of extracurricular activities for children. Exposing them to various experiences and allowing them to pursue their interests can significantly boost self-esteem and self-confidence. Being acknowledged for their strengths, aside from academics, can help your child become more confident, enabling them to be more vocal and expressive of their opinions.

Improved Mental Health

Enhanced self-esteem can foster better mental health in children. Engaging your child in extracurricular activities reduces their screen time, greatly benefiting their overall development. Improved mental health can also make your young one less stressed, happier, and more positive.

Fosters Good Time-Management Skills

Since school life can be challenging, adding extracurricular activities into your child’s routine can teach them how to manage their time better. Your little one will learn the importance of working efficiently and prioritizing.


Selecting an extracurricular activity for your child can be overwhelming. Here are four valuable tips to help you with the entire process.

Discuss With Your Child

One common mistake of parents when choosing extracurricular activities is not consulting their child. Not unless your little one is too young to make decisions, discuss with your child the activities they want to participate in. Take time to brainstorm with your child and list their options. Do not pressure them into an activity they have zero interest in, and always be ready to give your full and unbiased support.

Consider Everyone

While extracurricular activities are meant to be fun and enriching for your child, they should not be a cause of burden to you or anyone in your family. Consider your child’s and your own workload, and avoid activities that don’t fit your schedule. Parenting is hard as it is, so only select activities that complement your family’s lifestyle.

Be Deliberate


When choosing an extracurricular activity, make sure the activity directs your child’s overall development on the right path. Evaluate their school performance, and identify areas they struggle with or subject matters they can improve on. You can also consult their teachers on activities they recommend to help your child excel further.

Do a Trial Class

If your child is unsure what to take, enlisting in a trial class is ideal. Assess your little one’s strengths and current interests. For instance, if your child is musically inclined, enroll them in a guitar, violin, or piano lesson. Do your research and find one nearby that suits your needs and budget. Select a reputable and quality school, such as South Shore Piano School, that offers free trial classes.

The benefits of extracurricular activities for children are numerous. Take note of these tips and remember to choose activities that are age-appropriate, fun, and memorable.