People who wish to upgrade their computers have already heard of needing a more powerful graphics card or GPU. Even those who are new to computer hardware have heard such a term.

The letters “GPU” are thrown around a lot. But what exactly do these terms mean? Why does your computer need one? Choosing the right GPU for your computer can be a daunting task. Here’s everything a beginner needs to know about graphics cards and GPU technology.

What Is A Graphics Card or GPU?

If the CPU is responsible for the computer’s main processes, a GPU is responsible for rendering images and videos on your computer. The graphics card processes everything visually related. When you’re playing a game, watching a movie, or browsing the web, your graphics card works behind the scenes. It makes sure everything looks the way it should.

It stands for “graphics processing unit.” It is the actual chip inside the graphics card. It’s essentially the brain of the graphics card, responsible for performing all of the calculations needed to render images and videos.

Why A Graphics Card Is Important For Your Computer

Aside from imagery, the answer is simple: visual computing. Gamers need a powerful GPU to process the latest games’ highest resolutions. Video editors also need a powerful graphics card and GPU to quickly edit and render high-resolution videos.

Casual users will also benefit from a good graphics card. Having decent graphics ensures that everything on your computer looks and runs smoothly. Without a graphics card, your CPU and RAM will have an additional workload in its process.

What Is The Best GPU For Your Computer?

You can choose between an integrated or dedicated GPU when you buy a graphics card. Each is self-explanatory.

An integrated GPU is integrated with a CPU. It can also be considered the stock graphics card with your processor. Its performance may be lower than dedicated GPUs, but it works for general computing and casual everyday use.


Dedicated graphics cards are more powerful. It translates to better gaming experience, faster rendering, and can handle machine learning tasks. It is also responsible for being able to present graphics in higher frame rates.

How Much is A Graphics Card?

Price is the next thing you must consider once you have determined your needs. Price ranges vary per GPU. The basic ones can cost you a few hundred dollars, while the more powerful ones can reach up to several thousand dollars. The only rule to consider is that reputable brands are more expensive; the more expensive, the better its performance and features.

Entry-level graphics cards can cost around $150 to $200. Mid-range graphics cards can cost around $250 to $350. Investing in a high-end graphics card will cost around $700 to $1000. You can shop around to help you decide how much you will spend based on your needs.

Finding The Best GPU For Your Computer

Whether you’re looking for top-of-the-line performance or a more budget-friendly option, a GPU is essential for your computer. Factors like performance, price, and brand/model will play a factor when choosing a graphics card and GPU.


Graphics cards and GPUs are a necessity for any modern computer. Only gamers, digital artists, and media practitioners need much power in their graphics. Regular workers and casual users can survive with decent graphics processing units.

By considering factors such as performance, compatibility, budget, and cooling, you can narrow your options and find the perfect GPU. Be sure to research first to find the best option for your needs.