A beginning of the good life starts with what you eat. However, it’s not just about the ingredients or contents of your meals that count. Many overlook the most essential part: how the food has been cooked. For instance, deep-fried chicken wings and potato fries are too irresistible. While chicken and potatoes are healthy, fat and oil diminish their nutritional value. These also hurt your health negatively depending on frequent consumption. So, what should you do? Letting go of these tastes can feel harsh. Fortunately, appliances like air fryers are there. They came into the market over a decade back but needed only a little time to make their permanent place in households.

Home cooks found air fryers faster and easier to manage than large ovens. At the same time, their ability to help you enjoy your favorite fast-food snacks without oil made them an instant hit. Your food can taste delicious or even better than oil-fried food without using the traditional oil-frying system. Interestingly, the name air fryer can easily confuse anyone about its cooking style. Air fryers only mimic hot oil cooking results and don’t use oil the old way. You can get them for an affordable price as well. For options, check out organicallyblissful. In the meantime, let’s understand this kitchen appliance more.

The Working Of An Air Fryer

Newbies should know that air fryers have built-in fans to move hot air and cook food like a convection oven. They differ from each other in speed and spaciousness. Air fryers are faster, thanks to their design engineering that retains maximum heat. You can find these appliances with perforated baskets or grated racks that let the air travel quickly to the food from all sides. Whether you want to eat potatoes, brown chicken, veggies, fish, or something else, rely on this equipment’s hot roasting that ensures deep-frying-like results. Sometimes, specific food tastes even better than oil-fried goodies that become too overpowering due to the oiliness. Hence, if you want to cook healthy, air fryer can help. You can prefer them over pan-fried and deep-fried food any day. Due to much less use of oil, you can be safe from ingesting excess fat or calories.

Things To Make Or Avoid Cooking In Air Fryers

Gather the names of delicious fried food, like fried chicken, mozzarella sticks, French fries, and chicken wings. An air fryer can make all these crispy things with brown exteriors and perfectly cooked interiors. It’s also a good option for roasting stuffed peppers, zucchini, cauliflower, and sweet potatoes. Your oven takes longer to cook these, but an air fryer is a workhorse. Some people use an air fryer for fried chicken with skin, Brussels sprouts, seasoned mushrooms, and frozen dumplings. Most side dishes or appetizers are easy to cook in this appliance. Think of chicken tenders, fish sticks, bagel bites, jalapeno poppers, and more. If you enjoy hosting guests at your home, you only need a few recipes like these to impress them with your cooking prowess empowered by an air fryer.


The versatility of air fryers needs no proof. Yet, it’s best to avoid a few options for cooking in these modern and healthy appliances. For example, kale, spinach, and other leafy veggies can become crispy or dry when cooked in an air fryer. Broccoli can also suffer the same fate as them. However, you can avoid the risk of burning your ingredient by covering it in aluminum foil before placing it inside. It’s also better to leave the idea of experimenting with beef cuts. Cook these ingredients in a cast iron pan or grill instead.

The Choice Of Size For Air Fryers

Choosing the appropriate appliance size is crucial to make your cooking chores simple. You get these units in various size options. One can rely on two or three-quart air fryers for up to two people’s meals. A five-quart air fryer should be fine if you cook for five people. The food experts say air fryer size can affect or enhance its performance. Smaller models can blow air faster than one with spacious interiors. As a result, food can be ready in a few minutes. If you buy a small appliance for this reason, be prepared to cook your food in batches.

To shed more light on this, medium-size or 2.5-quart air fryers can accommodate three chicken thighs. You can prepare six or more thighs with a large unit with a 5-quart capacity. A hybrid oven-type model with racks can manage 10-12 chicken thighs simultaneously, but the cooking time will increase.

Types of Air Fryers

Options are exciting, from solo units and toaster ovens to multi cookers. The basic cylindrical solo designs look like a small robot with a basket to hold the food. These fryers can be two quarts or six or seven quarts in size. Some can have manual dials, while others offer digital control. Some also contain double compartments to facilitate two preparations simultaneously. The solo models are generally affordable. Toaster-oven-like air fryers are a lot like countertop toaster ovens. But these new versions also offer an air fry setting. It can quickly take the spot off the main range in your kitchen. You can use it to toast, bake, boil, and roast anything. Another versatile style is a multicooker. It works like an instant pot added with the power of air frying.

Digital Or Analog Air Fryer

Presets for chicken wings, fish, and French fries make your cooking less mental work. You can also concoct different recipes hassle-free with temperature and cook time displays.

One appliance can offer so much that your everyday cooking experience gets wholly revamped. You can eat your favorite items and stay fit, too.


However, choosing a suitable machine is a basic need. Check reviews of all the top brands, think about your lifestyle preferences, and move ahead. If you get the correct type of air fryer for your needs, many previous oily recipes will be available with a significant transformation of taste and texture profiles. It makes sense to choose the best type from the beginning.