Making sure your child is prepared for the SAT and ACT is on a lot of parents’ minds. Setting your college-bound student up for success is an opportunity most parents want for their children.  

Googling, “Best SAT and ACT Prep Courses” and purchasing teaching resources like study guides can help. But you should consider investing in a private tutor to put your student on the right track.

Studies show that high school juniors who have taken an ACT practice test:

Without a Tutor:

  • Scores range from 16 to 28
  • 900 to 1350 for the SAT

With a Tutor for 12 to 16 Hours:

  • Scores improved 3 to 5 points on the ACT
  • +100 to 140 higher scores in the SAT 

ACT and SAT Prep Experts are available to help students improve their learning styles and ultimately their test scores.

What’s the Difference Between SAT and ACT

The main differences between the SAT and ACT are:  




Reason Some colleges use SAT scores for admissions & merit-based scholarships  Some colleges use ACT scores for admissions & merit-based scholarships
Test Structure








Essay (optional)

Length 3 hours

2h 55min (no essay)

3h 40min (w/ essay)

Reading 5 passages 4 passages
Science N/A 1 section testing critical thinking skills, not particularly science


Algebra 1 & 2

Geometry, Trig, Data Analysis


Algebra 1 & 2

Geometry, Trig, & Statistics

Equipment Policy Can’t use a calculator on some sections You can use a calculator on all math problems
Essays N/A Optional essay that evaluates and analyzes complex questions
Score 400 to 1600 1 to 36

The ACT consists of 4 major sections as well: English, Reading, Math (Calculator), and Science. A perfect score on the ACT is 36 and the best score on each section is 36. The four scores earned in each section will be averaged together to give you one final score. 

SAT and ACT Preparation

Students should begin preparing for the SAT or ACT as soon as the summer after their sophomore year of high school. 

SAT and ACT preparation exam

Junior year is when official SAT and ACT exams begin. Students can then apply to colleges during the summer before their senior year.

Booking a practice exam 3 to 6 months away from the real test is recommended.

Once they’ve determined a practice test day, they should set a target for their score. 

It’s helpful for your student to find the average testing scores of the colleges they wish to apply to.

They’ll find these scores under the “College Admissions” tab on any given universities website.

Benefits of Getting a Tutor for SAT and ACT 

SAT and ACT test prep courses with a private tutor offer your student these benefits:

1. Personalized Learning Experience

A private tutor customizes their services to the student’s needs, not the other way around.

Students receive a personalized lesson plan and learning experience based on what they already know. Then they find areas of improvement and can focus on learning more about those subjects.

2. Academic Performance Improvement

The SAT and ACT topics that your student will be tested on are relevant to their regular, class curriculum.

Tutoring services help students understand the subjects they’re struggling with to ultimately improve their overall academic performance in school. 

3. Encourages Questions

Private tutoring allows the student to have the tutor’s full attention where questions are always encouraged. Students are more likely to ask questions during tutoring sessions because they feel more comfortable in a smaller group. 

Students may also feel less pressured to give correct answers, which allows the tutor to address their misconceptions more effectively.

4. SAT and Act Review Boosts Confidence

Investing in an SAT and ACT prep tutor can boost your student’s confidence even after finishing school. 

If your student is getting the grades they are striving for, it boosts their confidence and motivates them. 

prepare your child for SAT and CAT examination

5. Helpful Study Skills & Habits

Prepping for the SAT and ACT with a tutor instills helpful study habits in your student. 

Questions commonly asked by parents are:

  • Is hiring a SAT/ACT Tutor worth the money?
  • What does a private tutor do for my child?


The best SAT and ACT prep starts early, giving your student enough time to enhance their studies without feeling pressured.

Various subjects are on both the SAT and ACT, and it doesn’t matter which section your student needs help with.

From reading, critical thinking, writing, math, and/or science, an experienced private tutor can improve your student’s skills. All the while, helping them get admitted to the university of their dreams, and ultimately add to their future success.

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