Do your kids go through bubble solutions like crazy?  Mine does so to save money and time we decided to make our own.  Here’s the best bubble recipe! It’s what has worked well for our homemade solution:

Bubble Recipe Mixtures

6 cups water
1/2 cup blue Dawn dish detergent
1/2 cup corn starch
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tbsp Glycerine

We bought the vegetable glycerine at Amazon they have a lot to choose from- vegetable glycerine.

We ended up buying this vegetable glycerine in particular: Vegetable Glycerin 16oz. Non-GMO, Food-grade.  More Tips Below:

Bubble Recipe Solution Making Tips:

  • Make the bubble solution, we had a corn starch spill in our kitchen and are still cleaning up from it.
  • We used an empty gallon orange juice jug to store the bubble juice – it’s working out great.
kid with bubble rope

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