Best Road Trip Gadgets For 2020

With the car packed and ready to go make sure you have some road trip gadgets to pass the time.

You’ve bought a reliable car from Buy Here Pay Here car lot, you’ve hastily loaded it and you’re on the open road. 

The kids are in the back and your partner is by your side as you hit the open road.

Then the inevitable boredom sets inand the kids are getting restless.  You here “Are we there yet?” for the 15th time.

As the miles roll on your family is getting more and more restless.  There are the hated arguments and your concentration is beginning to lapse. 

Situations like this can be a big strain but can be easily sorted by many of the road trip gadgets available in 2020.

These great gadgets will keep your family entertained to pass the time on those long road trips!

Help Pass Time With These Road Trip Gadgets


1. Nintendo Switch

The number one road trip gadget for 2020. 

Nintendo brings together the portability of handheld electronic gadgets, console gaming, and interactivity in an outstanding portable touchscreen console.

The controllers can detach from the sides of the console screen so that two people can play one of many multiplayer games available.

The Switch has been massively popular pass the time and make long journeys feel short in 2020. 

It is the undisputed portable boredom killer.

2. Kids Travel Trays

Do you have an infant that needs to be kept entertained every waking moment?

Travel trays are amazing road trip gadgets for infants and toddlers to pass the time.

They’re placed across the child in the seat and can safely harbor toys, drawing pads, books, and anything else you want to throw on there!

They come in a wide array of waterproof designs and colors.  Travel trays keep your kids attention away from the length of the trip without making a mess of your vehicle. 

best road trip gadgets 2020

3. Kindle Paperwhite E-book Reader

Kids who love reading will delight in the Kindle Paperwhite.  They are a great road trip gadget and help pass the time for kids who don’t much go for games. 

You don’t need to pack a bag full of heavy books and can have thousands to choose from all in the palm of your hand.

The 300-PPI screen looks like a traditional book page and is readable in varying light levels.

A single battery charge lasts for weeks, and there’s up to 32 gigabytes of space for your books, magazines, and audiobooks. 

This affordable road trip gadget makes the hours roll by on a road journey.  It is well worth the purchase if you and your kids are book lovers. 

4. LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate

Combining education with enjoyment is the key to keeping kids occupied and learning to pass time.

The LeapFrog LeapPad comes with no less than 1,000 educational games focusing on mathematics, reading, science and much more. 

A fantastic road trip gadget, the handheld device is child-friendly – it’s aimed at children 3 years or older.  The large touchscreen makes it easy to use and durable.

We found it to be a better option than an Android tablet or iPad.  Your kids will play with educational apps and learn while they pass the time in the car.

5. VSSL Compact Adventure Flask

Flasks are nifty things to take on the road with you. They keep your beverages cold or warm for whenever you need hydration. 

The VSSL Flask is no traditional flask. This useful road trip gadget has a compass, 300ml flask, and a hidden compartment with two shot glasses and a bottle opener.

On top of that it has a powerful four-mode LED torch at one end. You can keep your money safe and small playing cards/dice in the hidden compartment to pass the time on the road. 

best toys for roadtrip 2020

6. Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger

There’s nothing worse than the battery of your electronic devices going flat while on the road.

If you have a number of gadgets all competing for power, then you need a portable charger that can handle the job. 

The Anker PowerCore 26800 is a great road trip gadget to take as it ensures devices are charged.

This power bank has a huge 26,800-mAh capacity and three USB ports so great for traveling with the family. It also charges itself lightning fast when plugged into a wall socket.

A useful road trip gadget to keep your family entertained and pass the time on a long road trip. 

7. Mastermind Remastered by Pressman

Our last item feels more traditional than other road trip gadgets.

If you’re a big lover of mentally stimulating board games, Mastermind Remastered is an excellent game in the car and out.

This code-breaking game modernizes the traditional board game with a sleek design that keeps the pieces from falling everywhere.

It’s great for older kids to pass the time as it teaches the principles of deductive logic and reasoning.

The game can be played on a table or your lap because of its smaller design and easy access piece tray.

A great positive is it doesn’t even need batteries!



Hopefully, you now have some great road trip gadget ideas. 

These tools and toys help pass the time and make a long road trip with your family even more fun.

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