Building a play space for your kids at home is a terrific way to help them learn and grow.  Using a playroom keeps everyone happy.  Kids have all their stuff on hand, and you get to limit the mess and chaos.

Playing is an integral part of any child’s development process.  In fact, play areas and primary schools use specific equipment to help children learn and integrate various skills.  For instance, motor skills, decision-making, and critical thinking. 

However, the time children devote to games at school is limited which can affect their skill growth.  So, encourage this at home by building a play space.

You can repurpose a part of your home and turn it into a playroom or play space for your children.  Use our tips to help you in designing and building a play space in your home. 

6 Ideas For Building A Play Space

1. Indoor Fun 

Redesigning places for your toddler to play safely is the best decision any parent would make. According to experts from dSPACE Studio architects, creating a dedicated playroom for toddlers is a fantastic idea.   Professional designs for any space while factoring in the toddler’s development stage.

There are several options for building a play space, such as using a slide, having a sling with some lego cubes, and much more.

Some parents like to add many colors to their kid’s rooms.  These include colorful furniture, play mats and wall patterns.  Regardless of your choice, ensure that it offers a cheerful environment to your child. 

building a play space at home with colorful furniture

2. Shared Spaces Around The Kitchen

Children need their parents as much as they need their playtime.  So, why not join the two?

Speak with the architects to form a shared space near your kitchen or living room.  Have comfortable seating and a table for them to work on. 

Children can use the space to do crafts, complete their homework or play games.  The best part is that Mom or Dad are right there in the kitchen preparing dinner.  This makes it an excellent way to spend quality time with the family.

Many parents have shared that shared spaces have worked well for them.  It has also helped them build stronger bonds with their kids.  You can take this idea into building a play space for your child at home.

3. Shelving And Storage When Building A Play Space

shelves and storage for building a play space at home

Having shelving or storage units will help with discipline and lead to organized children.

It is important to have dedicated spaces to keep the kid’s stuff.

They will know where to put their toys once they have finished playing with them.

Allow them to set up their own system for storing things.  This way, they know where everything is and will take pride in their efforts.

For example, help them to organise things.  Keep animals in a separate box from vehicles, and have craft boxes. 

There is no strict rule to it, but building a play space for your kids can be truly rewarding.

You can speak with professionals to design spaces that will evolve as the children grow.  Shelving can be later used for storing books and other essentials.  

4. Learn While They Play 

Children love to draw so it’s important to have a space for them to do this. 

You can have a blackboard either in the playroom or mounted on a wall.  A fantastic idea is to have the blackboard outside so that there is no drawing on the walls and the dust is easier to clean.

Use a standing blackboard for painting as well.  Simply peg butchers paper to each side and let your kids create their own masterpieces.  Besides reducing the chance of wall graffiti, it will encourage your child to improve their drawing and painting skills.  

A well-designed playroom for your kids can do wonders.  Also, it does not have to be a costly project and you can keep your house clean by taking any messy stuff outside.

Building a play space in any home will see your kids having fun and learning important skills while they play.

5. Create A Mini Garden For Them

According to Ayurveda, a child needs to be in touch with mother earth while growing up.

So, why not use this opportunity to surround your kids with nature in the form of a mini garden?  You can use your a space backyard and design a good gardening play space for the kids. 

Make a small fenced area and fill it with mini pots, buckets and shovels.  Ensure they are appropriate for the child’s size and age.  You can find kid-friendly gardening stuff in many stores.

Don’t forget to check if your fences still serve your privacy well. Otherwise, you might want to install some of those privacy panels to keep the onlookers away and your kids safe.

So, allow your kids to get dirty by building a play space with their own garden.  Getting dirty is scientifically proven to help kids develop strong immunity, with many other benefits.

building a garden play space for kids

6. Adventure in the Yard 

You might use this idea if you do not have an all-green backyard.  Consult professional architects to help build an adventure yard for your kids.  There are several ideas to create this play space by using upcycled material. 

While some parents create a mini amusement park for kids, others create hurdle games.  No matter which design you choose, it is essential that it promotes development in children

Bottom Line In Building A Play Space At Home

A dedicated play room may work when building a play space at home.  They can do wonders for kids, especially if they are designed right.

So, look for spaces in your home that you can change into fun play areas for your kids.  Try to keep costs down by using materials you have on hand or purchasing things second-hand..