Snapping the perfect pic of your kids and your majestic Maine Coon can feel like orchestrating a ballet in a windstorm. Kids are wiggly, and Maine Coons, despite their regal appearance, have a playful streak a mile wide. But when the stars align, and you capture that moment of pure joy and togetherness, it’s pure magic.

You’re about to embark on a journey that’ll turn those chaotic moments into cherished memories. From finding the perfect light to capturing their personalities, we’ve got the tips and tricks you’ll need. Get ready to level up your photography game and make everyone say “aww” at your next family gathering.

Tips for Photographing Your Kids and Maine Coon Cats

Capturing the perfect moment between your kids and a Maine Coon cat can feel a bit like trying to photograph a whirlwind of fur and giggles. Patience is your best tool here, but a few expert tips can certainly make the process smoother and more fruitful.

First off, think about the lighting. Natural light works best for capturing the rich textures of the Maine Coon’s fur and the softness of a child’s expression. Try to schedule your photo sessions in the morning or late afternoon when the light is soft and golden. Avoid direct sunlight as it can cause harsh shadows and squinting.

Next, get down to their level. This means physically moving yourself to the eye level of your subjects. Not only does this perspective make the photos feel more intimate, but it also captures the world from their viewpoint, which adds an intriguing angle to your shots.

Movement and play are inherent to both kids and Maine Coon cats, so why not use it to your advantage? Playful interaction can lead to candid shots that are full of life and emotion. Whether it’s a gentle pat, a lazy cuddle, or a wild chase, these interactions can bring out genuine expressions and moments worth capturing.

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Remember, the essence of photographing your kids with Maine Coon cats lies not in seeking perfection in every shot, but in cherishing the unfiltered, spontaneous moments that emerge when these two playful spirits interact. Keeping your sessions fun and stress-free will yield photographs that are not only beautiful but also deeply personal.

Photography Equipment You’ll Need

Capturing those perfect moments with your kids and Maine Coon cats isn’t just about patience and the right technique; it’s also about having the right gear. Let’s break down the essentials.


When it comes to cameras, the best fit for photographing both lively children and majestic Maine Coon cats is a DSLR or mirrorless camera. These types offer the speed and versatility you need. With a good camera, you can quickly adjust settings to match the lighting and action of your scene. Mirrorless cameras are lighter and easier to carry, perfect for those unpredictable photo sessions with kids and pets. On the other hand, DSLRs provide better battery life and typically have a more extensive selection of lenses, which comes in handy for capturing every detail of your Maine Coon’s luxurious fur.


The lens you choose can drastically change the outcome of your photographs. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Zoom lenses are versatile, allowing you to quickly adapt to your subject’s distance without changing your position. They’re great for capturing kids and cats in action from afar.
  • Prime lenses, with their fixed focal length, offer superior sharpness and a wider aperture. This means you can get those beautifully blurred backgrounds, making your subject stand out even more. A prime lens with a focal length between 50mm to 85mm is ideal for portraits, capturing both the innocence of your child and the elegance of your Maine Coon.


Natural light is your best friend when photographing your kids and cats. It brings out the true beauty of the moment without the harshness or intrusiveness of artificial lights. However, if you’re shooting indoors, a softbox or LED panel can help you mimic that soft, natural glow. Remember, Maine Coons, with their expressive eyes, look best in lighting that doesn’t cause glare or red-eye.

Choosing the right equipment is crucial, but remember, the best shots come from understanding your subjects and creating a fun, stress-free environment for them.

Setting Up the Perfect Shot

Choosing the Right Location

When you’re aiming to snap those charming moments with your kids and Maine Coon cats, selecting the right backdrop is crucial. Think about where your subjects feel most comfortable and at ease—this can be anywhere from a cozy corner in your home filled with natural light to a vibrant outdoor setting that brings out their adventurous side. Outdoor locations offer dynamic backgrounds and natural lighting, while indoor settings allow for more controlled environments and can add a personal touch to each photo. Remember, the right location isn’t just about beauty; it’s about matching the setting with the mood you want to capture.

Getting the Kids and Maine Coon Cats to Pose

Achieving the perfect pose with kids and Maine Coon cats can be a bit like herding cats—literally. However, there are a few tricks to make this process smoother. First, ensure everyone’s in a good mood—treats and toys can work wonders for both kids and cats. Then, work with their natural behavior rather than against it. Maine Coon cats, known for their sociable and laid-back temperament, often mirror the energy around them. Capture candid moments where their personality shines through.

Utilizing Props

Props can add a whole new dimension to your shots. From simple items like a colorful ball for your Maine Coon to chase to a handcrafted sign held by your child, props can help incorporate storytelling elements into your photographs.


Keep props relevant to the theme of the shoot and your subjects’ interests. Perhaps a favourite toy of the cat or a book your child loves. These elements not only make the photo more engaging but also help in capturing the genuine interaction between your kids and their furry companion. Just remember, the goal is to enhance the shot without overshadowing the natural beauty and spontaneity of the moment.

Editing and Enhancing Your Photos

So you’ve captured those adorable moments between your kids and their fluffy Maine Coon companion. What’s next? Dive into the editing process with enthusiasm! Remember, a little tweak here and there can transform a good photo into a great one. Play around with brightness and contrast to make those smiles pop. Don’t shy away from filters either—they can add a magical touch to your already stunning shots. And when it comes to cropping, think about the story you’re telling. Is it about the vastness of the outdoors or the cosy nook where your child and cat share secrets? Whatever it is, make sure your edits reflect that. With these final touches, you’ll have a collection of photos that not only look professional but are overflowing with personality and heart. Happy editing!