Child-Friendly Garden Designs To Get Your Kids Outside

Remember how much fun it was to play in the garden and get your hands dirty as a child?  These child-friendly garden designs will encourage your kids to get away from devices and back out into Mother Nature.

A study published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine found that almost half of American preschool kids aren’t getting enough playtime outside.  Ideally children should be getting outside and doing activities every day.

We believe our child-friendly garden designs have dual purposes.  Not only will you create a beautiful space for them to explore the world they will also have fun in the sun.

First and foremost when designing a garden for your kids safety must be at the top of the list. Removing dangerous items such as poisonous plants, sharp rocks and old trees is a must. We suggest using someone similiar to the qualified Apopka tree service experts to get trees trimmed or removed for safety. 

Here are some ideas to create a safe, kid-friendly garden that you and your children will love.

Top 5 Child-Friendly Garden Designs


1. Create Mini Gardens

Teaching your children how to garden is a vital skill for learning patience and respect for the environment.

Start small with miniature gardens they can build in containers. They’ll love planting flowers and finding pretty rocks and leaves to decorate their DIY garden.

Creating child-friendly garden designs that kids will love can be enhanced by incorporating the charm of large rectangular planters.

The beauty of this child-friendly garden design is allowing them to choose their own containers for these miniature gardens. Items like ice cream containers and old colorful boots can be perfect and lots of fun.

These mini gardens are also a great way to give kids their own garden space so they don’t intrude on yours. To make gardening more exciting for kids, give them plants that grow easily to encourage them, such as peas and petunias that are seriously low maintenance.

child friendly garden designs
child friendly garden designs

2. Upgrade Your Lawn

Most kids love to get out and run about on fresh green grass, especially with friends over.  If you are worried about damage to your lawn you could look at some of the more hardy species of turf.

If you get upset about your grass getting damaged because your kids love to play sports on it, invest in an artificial lawns in areas where kids like to play.

This is not so much a child-friendly garden design but more for your own peace of mind and sanity.

Avoid paving stones and cement in this area though, to prevent injuries like grazed knees.


3.  Hang Ten

Hanging chairs and swings in the garden are great fun for kids. They don’t take up much space as you hang them from trees and still plant grass and flowers underneath.

Kids love hanging out in these chairs! We have found that they’re a great way to have quality time with the whole family in a relaxed way during beautiful sun-kissed days.

If this seating area is in a secluded part of the garden or on the porch, you can make it extra fun.  Add wall fountains that boost the serenity factor, a barbeque station for Sunday lunches or chalkboards kids can scribble on.

Think of this child-friendly garden design as your outdoor family fun area.

child friendly garden designs

4. Keep Toxic Flowers Away

Children are curious creatures and may touch and taste any flowers they see.  We all know kids have forever got their fingers in their mouths so it’s essential to keep toxic plants and flowers away.

Examples include pokeweed which has poisonous berries and daffodils.

Even plants that aren’t poisonous but can harm, like cacti and roses, should be avoided in a child-friendly garden design.

Try to separate different areas of your garden to have a designated child-friendly region in which your kids can play safely.

5. Bring The Garden To Life

Kids won’t share your delight in garden decor trends or expensive items but they’ll definitely be lured by bright, colorful gardens.

Fill your garden with lots of colors and attract birds and other animals with birdbaths and feeding stations.

Bright, beautiful, and child-friendly garden designs will have kids yearning to explore this enchanting space.

child friendly garden designs
child friendly garden designs


Child-friendly garden designs are a great way to get kids away from the TV and into the outdoors.

Give children the chance to take pictures of the garden and its animals and insects, or to draw what they see.

Child-friendly garden designs are a wonderful opportunity to turn the garden into an educational tool.

Create a space where kids can safely play and learn outdoors.  They can spend quality time with you, their childhood will be enriched and they’ll make memories that will last them a lifetime.

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