Looking for the best games with real dealers, bonus features, and multipliers? Play live at Crazy Time on casino-crazytime.com!

Occasionally, even the most experienced players look for new casino games. Whether it’s for fun or the prospect of ripping off a score. Crazy Time Live has great potential to please all players.

Crazy Time Live was recently presented by Evolution Gaming. We offer you the opportunity to discover why players love Crazy Time so much!

What is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is more than a regular game with a dealer. It includes a 54-piece color wheel and a live dealer always ready to guide the game and answer questions.

The numbers on the wheel represent multipliers (1x to 10x), which will be awarded to players depending on where the wheel stops after a spin. A few unique sections on the wheel also represent bonus rounds: Coin Flip, Pachinko, Cash Hunt, and the popular Crazy Time.

In short, the Crazy Time live wheel game is the buzz of a carnival, with unique bonus rounds and wild multipliers. It’s fun and one of the most innovative games ever released.

About the Gameplay

The main element of the game is a giant wheel (drum), which is spun by the host. There are 54 sectors on the drum, some of which are repeated:

  • Sector with the number 1 – 21 times
  • Sector with number 2 – 13 times
  • Sector with the number 5 – 7 times
  • Sector with the number 10 – 4 times
  • Bonus sectors – 9 times

You can bet not only on one of the sectors but several or even on all at once. And you can choose the bet size for each of the sectors yourself.

Payouts for sectors with numbers:

  • Sector 1 – Pays 1x
  • Sector 2 – Pays 2x
  • Sector 5 – Pays 5x
  • Sector 10 – Pays 10x

How the Bonus Rounds Work in Crazy Time

Each bonus round carries unique rules and thrills. Not surprisingly, live casino players enjoy these rounds the most. Moreover, bonus segments bring more significant rewards – up to €500,000 (at the maximum stakes in the game).

Please note that if the wheel stops on a bonus, only those players who have bet on that particular segment will be allowed to actively participate. The rest will be allowed to watch and cheer.

Coin Flip Bonus Game

  • The Coin Flip bonus takes up 4 segments on the wheel.
  • The coin has two sides, blue and red.
  • A random multiplier must be selected and assigned to either side of the coin (blue or red).
  • The Crazy Time dealer will flip a coin in the Flip-o-Matic machine.
  • The side that ends up face-up wins.
  • You will win a random multiplier, indicated on that side of the coin.
  • The Coin Flip bonus round can pay out up to 5,000x your bet.
  • If the multipliers are too low, you can make an extra roll and not be required to place another bet.

Cash Hunt Bonus Rounds

  • Appear on 2 segments on the wheel.
  • It includes a carnival-style shooting gallery that contains 108 random multipliers.
  • The multipliers are hidden behind symbols and then shuffled!
  • Players fire a cannon to hit a symbol, eventually revealing a multiplier.
  • Players must select a symbol before time runs out, or it will be randomized.
  • The multipliers you get in this Crazy Time bonus round depend on the symbols, and each player receives a different symbol to shoot.

Pachinko Bonus Game

  • There’s a vast Pachinko wall with 16 zones at the top and 16 prizes with multipliers at the bottom.
  • The puck will bounce off the pegs until it lands and stops. The goal is for it to end up in the multiplier zones.
  • All multipliers in other zones will be doubled if the puck stops in a prize zone with the word DOUBLE.
  • The puck will stop after it lands in the multiplier zone.

Crazy Time Bonus Round

  • This is the most popular round in the Crazy Time game because of its vast winning potential.
  • You will see the dealer open a red door leading you to a virtual wheel with 64 segments.
  • The wheel is accompanied by Double, Triple, and multiplier symbols.
  • Players can choose from three colored clappers (yellow, blue, or green).
  • Your reward depends on where the flap stops.

How to Start Playing Crazy Time

1. Go to the casino

You can take your winnings in Crazy Time from your casino, for example,casino-crazytime.com. We have selected the most user-friendly pages for the user.

2. Searching a Crazy Time Slot

Crazy Time slots are easy to find on any of our proposed sites. It will be possible to search by name. You can also see the simulation in the Live Casino section.


3. Registration process

Crazy Time Casino allows only registered customers to play. Therefore, you must create an account. Many operators give favorable bonuses.

4. Making a deposit

Now, it is necessary to replenish the personal account on the office’s site. The transaction can be carried out through any scheme offered by the service.

5. Getting bonuses in Crazy Time

Playing in Crazy Time for money is more profitable with additional incentives. Each casino offers its own loyalty program. Therefore, you can create accounts on several platforms.

6. First real money bet

You must make your first bet and wait for the prize to fall out. The intuitive interface is designed to be as simple as possible for the client.