Customization is applying a colored image or design directly onto fabric. This method is widely used in various fields. In 2024, customization is one way to show creativity on things or accessories such as tote bag printing. And also it can be not just a hobby but also a separate type of income. Here are some examples of customization in different fields

Fashion And clothing

Example: A fashion brand creates unique collections of T-shirts and sweatshirts with colorful artificial prints using DTG technology. This can be a design with photos, abstract illustrations, or creative graphic elements in the same field in which the brand specializes.

Sports teams

Example: A soccer team orders custom practice jerseys with logo, numbers and player names. Each jersey is customized to the athletes’ sizes and requirements.

Business And corporate events

Example: A corporate company orders custom shirts with the company logo for its employees to wear at a trade show or event. This creates a unified and professional look.


Events And festivals

Example: Organizers of a music festival order custom T-shirts with bright and creative prints related to the event’s theme. Attendees can also order personalized t-shirts with the festival logo.

Charity events

Example: An organization hosting a charity event orders custom hoodies with the event’s logo. The sale of these items can serve as a source of funds for charitable needs.

Tourism And hospitality

Example: A hotel orders custom towels, robes, and slippers for guests with an embroidered or printed hotel logo.


 This creates a luxurious and personalized brand perception. Very often, custom hotel items play a role in advertising promotion.

Art And creativity

Example: An artist creates unique t-shirts with prints of his paintings. The sale of such items can support the creative process and distribution of the artist’s work.

Education And clubs

Example: A school orders custom T-shirts, pants, suits, skirts and shirts for students with the school logo and motto. Each group can have its own unique design. Don’t be afraid to express your individuality, create unique looks, and emphasize your originality!

Customization provides ample opportunity to personalize things in different areas, giving products a unique and distinctive look. It is also a great opportunity to satisfy even the most unpredictable desires of customers. At the same time, the level of customer satisfaction from such a purchase is many times higher because he gets exactly what he chooses. This significantly increases the percentage of sales and brand recognition.