Family and our job are the two most important aspects of every adult’s life. Both aspects require a lot of time, energy and effort to thrive. Many parents who are also entrepreneurs struggle with balancing the two. It is quite understandable, though, as we live in a fast-paced world. To balance the two and succeed in both, we need to be aware of certain things – we need to do our business and live our lives according to some rules. Keep reading to learn more about balancing parenthood and pursuing a career in fashion entrepreneurship.

To be efficient nowadays, we need to have routines for every aspect of our business. The same is true for developing a routine and sticking to it. The next essential thing you need to do is set priorities. When it comes to family time, you must set it consciously and disconnect during it. You should control the calendar rather than the calendar controlling you. As we are dealing with quite a lot, we need to delegate certain stuff, which is ok. You should always remember that your and your family’s well-being is your priority.

Develop a Routine and Stick to it

If we don’t structure our day carefully, we can end up wasting time, which can cause us to feel stressed and anxious. These feelings are not helpful to us, neither in business nor with family, and they can trigger various illnesses. So, to avoid stress, get in the habit of planning your day. It would be best to plan your day the night before – that way, your day is predictable, saving time and energy. However, as unexpected things can happen, you should embrace flexibility and sometimes go with the flow. To maximise your time with your family, you should work when the kids are at school, if possible. You need to be really good with your time management.

Set Priorities

The next essential thing is to set priorities. Of course, our main priority is always family, but at certain periods of the month, business-related matters are a priority, as it is what brings bread to the table. For example, if you run a fashion business in Australia, you probably need to order wholesale clothing in Australia to restock at the end of each month. If you don’t do that, you can compromise your business for the next month and in the long run.

Disconnect During Family Time

When it comes to quality family time, it probably won’t come on its own.

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We need to organise it consciously. It is vital to make these conscious efforts as spending time in the same house isn’t quality family time. You need to engage in some activities together: walking, swimming, bike riding, going to the movies, etc. You can also spend some quality time together at home making dinner, special meals, cakes, or DIY projects. It is important to disconnect from work and probably the internet both physically and mentally and really be there in the moment.

Control Your Calendar

A really important skill to master is controlling your calendar rather than it controlling you. We need to note down everything work and family related there, so we wouldn’t forget about something or miss an appointment or meeting. However, we need to be flexible in moving things around to use our day best. The calendar shouldn’t control you – you control it, and you have the power to move things around when necessary.  


As parenting and entrepreneurship require us to do many things, which is sometimes (often) impossible, it is normal to need and ask for help in certain matters. You need to learn to delegate and accept that delegating is ok.

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Regarding business, you should delegate some mundane tasks that don’t require your focus and presence. Also, what can help you around the house and save you time is hiring a cleaning service from time to time to clean your home.

Prioritise Well-Being

We should always remember that our and our family’s well–being is the most important. We should never do something to jeopardise that. Sometimes it can happen that business takes over the focus, which is just seemingly essential for that particular moment only. Invest in your family and trips together, it will be beneficial for your bond and mental wellbeing.

Balancing parenting and entrepreneurship is challenging, but with some conscious effort and impeccable time management, it can be a piece of cake.