Are you looking for the perfect gift to give your wife for her birthday? Or perhaps it’s your anniversary, and you want to spoil her with something more sophisticated and stylish. If you truly want to give your wife something elegant, then jewelry is always the go-to choice.

There are hundreds of different jewelry pieces to choose from, but not all women like the same style. If you’re struggling to find the perfect ring, necklace, or bracelet, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve provided valuable tips on how to choose the ultimate jewelry gift for your wife.

Identify Your Wife’s Jewelry Style

Go to your wife’s jewelry box and look at the current pieces she has. What do you notice about her specific style? Does she wear classic pieces with intricate detailing, or do you see a more contemporary style that blends art and jewelry for a unique look?

There are a variety of styles you can research to see what pieces would suit your wife’s personal taste, such as:

  • Statement pieces
  • Glass jewelry
  • Boho themed pieces
  • Oversized pendants
  • Antique jewelry
  • Art nouveau

Look at images online to get a proper idea of what style your wife prefers so you can get her a piece of jewelry she will truly love.

Consider the Type of Jewelry Your Wife Wears

The style of jewelry is completely different from the type of pieces women wear. Types include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. So, if your wife only wears necklaces, then only shop for pieces in that category. On the other hand, if your wife wears bracelets and rings, then consider getting her a set.

You can also get her a completely new type of jewelry if she only owns a specific type to add to her collection.

Think About The Type of Precious Metals Your Wife Prefers

Some women will never be caught leaving the house wearing cheap metals when it comes to jewelry. Other women prefer a specific type of precious metal like silver or gold. This is because they’re conscious of how different color jewelry pieces complement their skin tone.

For example, if your wife has warm undertones or tanned skin, then find an online gold dealer because this precious metal will suit her best. However, if your wife has cooler undertones, you may want to buy her jewelry made from silver or even white gold.

What Type of Gems Does Your Wife Love?

Similar to the type of metal women prefer, your wife may appreciate specific gemstones. If it’s her birthday, consider getting her a pendant with her birthstone in it. Or get her something truly unique, like one of Diamondere’s emerald rings, which are not only exquisite but speak to heirloom quality, perfect for a birthday or anniversary.


Diamonds are ideal if your wife loves sparkling pieces. Consider the cut of the diamond and its shape. A classic round brilliant cut will sparkle the most because it has 58 facets. Oval-cut stones are also a popular choice with women. But if it’s a ruby or an emerald, consider buying pear cuts.

Does She Like Bulky or Petite Pieces?

Women who have small or dainty features don’t typically buy bulky jewelry because it can create an imbalance. Instead, consider buying your wife jewelry that’s petite, like thinner necklaces with smaller pendants. Or rings that have thin bands with small round cut gems.

For women who have larger hands or more prominent features, you may want to consider bigger pieces with sharper edges. Big square pendants on thicker chains would be the ideal choice. Rings with thicker bands and bigger gems would also suit a woman who has larger hands.

Consider Something Practical or Sentimental

If you notice that your wife has many different styles and types of jewelry pieces, then consider getting her something more practical, like a golden hair clip or a timepiece with diamonds on the face.


You can also get her something that’s more sentimental, like a locket where she can store small pictures of your children or pets. Engrave the piece with a loving quote or a heart to make it more personalized and unique.

Final Thoughts

Buying your wife a piece of expensive jewelry is another way to show her how much you appreciate and care for her. Taking the time to find the perfect style, metals, and stones will also show how much work you put into finding her a gift she can cherish forever.

So if you ever get stuck finding your wife a jewelry gift, come back to this post to help guide you through the process.