Are you looking to make some healthy changes in the New Year? Check out these grocery shopping tips for a healthy new year! With a few small adjustments, you can make your shopping trip work for you and your health goals. Happy New Year!

Here’s the truth: we all spend more than we need to. This happens for a variety of reasons, but especially if you’re in a family, or you find yourself stressed by the expenses of the Christmas season, it’s a good idea to find out where you’re overspending. Sometimes resources become stretched unnecessarily thin, and there are ways around this.

Grocery Shopping Tips For A Healthy New Year

Shopping Tips #1: Careful Planning

First, look at the food. It turns out that finding deals for the holidays may be easier than you think with a little careful planning. Cook that Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner in the house. You’ll be able to get a meal for everybody at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing things would be.

Additionally, don’t eat out all season. Think of that. If you have two full months of not eating out, that could in itself pay for the majority of your Christmas. If you’ve got a family of five, eating out is not going to be less than $25 if you’re going bottom dollar, it could reasonably get as high as $200, depending on where you live.


Shopping Tips #2: Crunching The Numbers

If you ate out fourteen times as a family over two months, or two weeks out of eight, that’s $1,400 at an average of $100 a night including tips. Now it turns out that in the United States, Americans spend $700 per individual on average on Christmas presents.

If you’re struggling with a budget, preparing all meals at home can save you quite a bit over eating out, allowing you to spend more on friends and family without worrying about how that will impact you financially.

Shopping Tips #3: The Ecology Of Your Intestine

Additionally, learn to eat healthier. Did you know what you eat can perpetuate you into cyclical malnutrition subconsciously? Certain foodstuffs feed microscopic ecologies in your gut. You’ve heard of probiotics? Well, these have popularity today owing to their counteracting properties as regards undesirable intestinal bacteria.

There are good bacteria and bad bacteria. Generally, the bad stuff craves sugar and other junk foods. So when you start eating junk food, you feed the bad microbiological ecologies in your digestive system. The more you feed them, the more they grow. The more they grow, the more they crave. The more they crave, the more you eat.

Eating junk food makes you eat more junk food. Likewise, eating healthy perpetuates more healthy practices going forward. Additionally, you can focus on exercise. Ride a bike if you can; see how many miles you are able to cut out of your vehicular driving. If you can cut out three gallons a week, that’s $40 a month, or $480 a year.

Additionally, eating healthy yourself provides a good example for your kids. One, you’ll likely want to get rid of all junk food in the house, meaning they don’t really have a choice! Two, you won’t be buying junk food for them on the side. Granted, they may cheat a little bit, and that’s fine—provided they acquire junk food outside your budget, through schools, friends, or other means, you’re still saving money.


Shopping Tips #4: A Well-Rounded Holiday Savings Strategy

Some additional strategies for saving money during Christmas may include putting parties together where multiple people bring prepared dishes. A casserole may feed your family for the night. Twenty casseroles may feed 100 people for the night. You can host such holiday parties right at your home, and even keep some leftovers from friends who would rather not deal with them.

There are always ways to save money, even in the most expensive societies, or on the tightest budget. If you’re creative about it and approach the issue from multiple angles, you’ll be sure to find methods that may themselves be utterly unique! So don’t despair this Christmas season. From diet to exercise, to establishing healthier habits in general and preparing meals at home, you’ve got options.  



It is important to have a plan when grocery shopping in order to make the most of your time and money. By following these tips, you can be sure that you are getting the best groceries for yourself and your family. What are some of your favorite grocery shopping tips for a healthy new year?