A thermal brush is currently coming back after a period of flying under the radar, and it isn’t hard to see why this hairstyling tool is achieving these great heights.

A thermal brush is a go-to heat tool that makes it easy to make shiny and sleek hair very quickly. The convenience factor of a thermal brush is matched by how elegantly sleek they can make your locks, providing them with a blowout without much fuss.

Numerous heat styling tools are available on the market today. Their availability makes it confusing to know how a thermal brush can perfectly fit into your haircare regimen.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover what a top-rated thermal brush is and how to harness its power while also unearthing some of the best practices. What next for you? Just keep reading!

A Thermal Brush in Details

A thermal brush is also known as a hot brush. It is a styling tool that offers the services of a heated styling tool as well as a hairbrush. Figure out a curling iron with bristles.

It’s meant to help users achieve wavy, straight, or smooth hair by taking advantage of heat to shape and style your hair as you brush through.


A thermal brush typically features a brush or barrel head that heats up. Unlike a regular curling iron, you can easily brush through the hair instead of using your fingers to curl it around the barrel. This makes it easy to use and achieve sleek, slightly curled locks.

Thermal Brush Ultimate Practices

Are you an at-home hairstyling pro? Or a total novice? It is easy to use a hot brush! Just follow these best practices:

  • Always Start With Damp Hair: Ensure your hair is about 80% dry prior to using a hot brush. This will significantly reduce heat damage. Also, it’ll ensure your locks get fully dry when styling. And that means less frizz.
  • Section and Clip: Divide your hair into between four and five sections. After that, secure them with clips. This is for optimal styling results. Sections allow you to sidestep brushing through the same locks several times. You can skip this best practice if you’re performing quick touch-ups.
  • Heat Protection: According to experts in the hairstyling industry, a blowout product isn’t an option. It is a necessity. Prepare your strands with the right blowout product designed for your type of hair.
  • Brush it Out: You need to plug in your thermal brush and allow it to heat up to the required temperature. As you work on the small sections of your hair, slowly brush it through from roots to tips. Lift each section away and up from your head as the brush glides down the hair. This will also allow you to add extra volume.


  • Curl Your Ends: Opt for a round thermal brush for curled ends. After brushing through your hair’s ends, wrap it back around the barrel. After that, roll your brush up towards the hair roots. Hold your brush in place for between five and ten seconds. Engage the cool button and then wait for some seconds to enable the curl to settle down before you can release it.
  • Finish with a Product: This product can be a lightweight hairspray. Use it to lock in volume and shine. Finally, apply serum to the ends if necessary.

How to Dry Your Hair with a Thermal Brush

A thermal brush enables you to achieve sleek, polished hair without having to juggle a round brush in one hand and a heavy blow dryer in another. Just follow these simple, expert-proven tips to dry your hair.

  • Pick the right heated brush.
  • Wash and condition your hair.
  • Air-dry 80%
  • Plug in your styler and allow it to heat up.
  • Apply a heat protectant.
  • Section and clip up your hair
  • Dry and style your hair
  • Finish with hairspray

Do you want to attain salon-quality upshots? Or simply want to streamline your hairstyling regimen? A perfectly selected thermal brush can be a vital tool for helping you meet your hair care goals. Your hair will remain healthy and look its best!