It has long been said that we should help the aged.  For many years, this has been an important part of society as a whole.  But, what does it mean to help the aged?  What can we do to make their lives easier and more fulfilling?

Growing old comes with its own set of challenges, particularly for older women.  Chronic or continuous health issues such as arthritis, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis are more common in older women than in men.

A recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey shows women are also more prone to several other health concerns. Significantly, older women are also more likely to suffer memory or other “cognitive” issues.  They also have trouble performing daily chores like dressing, walking, or bathing without assistance.

Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to help the aged stay mentally and physically healthy.  However, maintaining excellent health as an older woman takes far more than what medication and treatment alone can provide.

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Six pieces of advice and resources are provided below for people who wish their loved ones to age as pleasantly, independently, and vibrantly as possible.

1. Address Incontinence Issues

Incontinence problems are humiliating for anyone.  As a result, older women experiencing incontinence may be unwilling to leave their house.  This means they become isolated and lonely.

While medications can help, numerous other incontinence products are available.  For example, modern women’s diapers can provide older women a terrific opportunity to get out and about.  They can recognize their social potential and live life without embarrassment or fear of stepping out in public.

2. A Sense Of Purpose Will Help The Aged

Older women who have a feeling of purpose or enjoy pastimes are less likely to succumb to the harmful impacts of social isolation.

In addition to offering a sense of purpose, many hobbies and interests are fundamentally social in nature.  Anything that involves a group could be considered socially healthy.

However, if a senior is stuck for something to do, there are usually events planned at the local senior center.

Volunteering is also an excellent approach to retaining and conveying one’s feeling of purpose.  Encourage older women to participate in hobbies and interests and provide volunteer opportunities.  Volunteering can assist them in maintaining their sense of purpose and keep them from feeling isolated and lonely.

hobbies and interests to help the aged

3. Get Them A Pet

Having something you care about can give you a sense of purpose and a warm and fuzzy feeling.  Do they prefer dogs or cats?  Can you bring her to your local shelter to either walk a lonely dog, visit him or bring home a cherished pet?

Would she consider taking her lovely, well-behaved dog to a nursing home?  Pet therapy is gaining acceptance and can reduce anxiety and blood pressure, improve memory, and improve mood and well-being.

Additionally, caring for pets can also be enjoyable for older women who require companionship.

4.  Help The Aged With Exercise  

exercise can help the aged

Let’s face it, exercise is essential for everybody!  Exercising our bodies releases endorphins, reduces stress, and generally makes us feel better.

Exercise is perfect for older women because it gets their blood pumping while also enhancing flexibility and strength.  In fact, it helps with body image, which can encourage them to connect with people and be social.

You can help the aged feel better and prevent isolation by supporting a healthy body image. 

Remember also, praises and encouraging words might help older women increase their self-esteem.

Similarly, deterring older women from being self-conscious may assist in avoiding becoming so self-conscious they shun social engagements.

Addressing the fundamental problem by encouraging weight reduction can also  help the aged.  Using healthy food choices and exercise will benefit older women who are legitimately overweight.  However, be cheerful, sympathetic and patient in efforts to urge older loved ones to lose weight. 

5. Encourage Dining With Others

Eating with others is essentially social and mealtimes are events where the entire family or community gathers.  Dining provides an opportunity to catch up with friends and family.

Indeed, everyone needs to eat and eating together can really help the aged socialise.  This is why dining has been one of the most joyful and significant activities for people throughout history and cultures.

Dining is an essential aspect of human contact and contentment.  It is one of the most critical elements in senior centers, country clubs, health clubs, and senior living communities.

6. Interaction With Family & Friends Will Help The Aged

Visiting relatives and friends is a vital pastime for older women.  In fact, these get-togethers help prevent elder isolation, one of the primary causes of mental and physical decline.

Preventing social isolation and loneliness are essential ways to help the aged.  They have been linked to an increased risk of depression, high blood pressure, cognitive decline, and other health problems.

Significantly, visiting with family and friends is vital for strengthening family relationships, legacy, and happiness.

After all, humans are hardwired to communicate and socialize.  We require these contacts even more as we age and lose spouses and social circles.  Human interaction, emotional ties, and having a reason to exist are all crucial aspects of life.  Providing these is one of the best ways to help the aged stay connected.

Help old aged women ease live through family and friends visit


Social contacts tend to decline for various reasons, including mobility limitations and retirement. Whatever the cause, elder solitude and its consequences can be frightening and destructive.  It is vital to help the aged population stay connected.

Significantly, many older adults deal with perceived social isolation (the feeling of being lonely).  Fortunately, throughout the last few decades, there has been an upsurge in research on the causes and prevention of loneliness in seniors.  Make every effort to help the aged socially active.

Additionally, visiting a senior center is an excellent way to positively contribute to your community while brightening the day of a senior.