You may have heard about hemp capsules, also sometimes referred to as CBD capsules, appearing online recently. This may feel like “just another hemp product,” however, we think that hemp capsules might be on to something.

In our opinion, hemp capsules are dietary supplements worth considering, especially if you’ve found in the past that hemp has benefits for you.

Since every individual responds to hemp differently, and there’s no way of knowing whether or not hemp will work for you until you try it, it is one of those products that need to be experienced firsthand to assess properly.

What Are Hemp Capsules?

As the name expresses, hemp capsules are an encapsulated form of hemp oil. Hemp oil is generally derived from the industrial hemp plant. Various cannabinoids are removed from the hemp plant, CBD being a common one, with the highest quality brands utilizing supercritical closed-loop CO2 extraction for its purity.

This Hemp Is Not to Be Confused with Hemp Seed

Hemp is a household plant name for many, especially after the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill in the USA, as well as recent conversations about more sustainable clothing and construction processes. However, hemp oil products such as hemp oil, hemp tinctures, hemp topicals, hemp gummies, and hemp capsules shouldn’t be confused with hemp seed products such as hemp seeds and hemp seed oils.

Although derived from the hemp plant, these two variations are completely different products, yet they are often used synonymously incorrectly.


Hemp oil and related products, like hemp capsules, are from the industrial hemp plant and contain a variety of phytocannabinoids, namely CBD or cannabidiol being the one that tends to get the most focus. This type of hemp extraction is from the leaves, stalks, stems, flowers, and more of the hemp plant – in other words, a more “full-bodied” extract. This type of hemp oil has the beneficial properties that people reaching towards CBD.

Hemp seed oil, on the other hand, is also derived from the hemp plant, however, this is only an extract of the seeds, and therefore this type of oil does not possess an array of cannabinoids, especially not CBD (cannabidiol). Hemp seed oil may have its own unique health benefits due to the nutrients present in the oil. However, these are very different from the potential benefits of hemp oil.

What Are the Advantages of Hemp Capsules Over Other Hemp Options?

The three most common oral consumption methods for hemp are in the form of an oil or tincture, in the form of a gummy, and in the form of a capsule. We would argue that consuming hemp capsules is one of the most universally convenient methods due to a number of factors.

Although hemp oils tend to be available in various flavors to make the taste of hemp more pleasant, oils might not be for everyone. You have to measure out hemp oil yourself using a provided pipette, so the quantity may not be as consistent as a pre-measured option. Still, this self-measurement also makes the oil more versatile because you can then add it into your favourite foods and drinks. Hemp oils, though, tend to also be more faffy and may be more challenging to consume on-the-go.


Hemp capsules, much as the name implies, are an encapsulated form of hemp oil. Basically, the same beloved product, but in a much easier and more convenient to consume form. Although you might not be able to add capsules into your favourite foods and beverages, these little things are brilliant for consuming if you’re in a rush or on the road.

They involve no measuring and no mess, and carrying them is far more lightweight as they can be separated into one of those weekly supplements containers. This also makes them the ideal option for travel. Furthermore, due to their encapsulated nature, they have very little taste which makes them ideal for those who don’t like the earthy and nutty taste of hemp.

Why Might Hemp Capsules Be Right for Me?

If you are someone that travels often, lives a busy life, doesn’t like the earthy taste of hemp, or doesn’t like to faff around with pipettes and measurements, then hemp capsules might be the ideal option for you.

There are many wonderful hemp capsules on the market, but one of our all-time favourites due to the superb quality, “just right” per capsule quantity, and complete brand transparency is the 1200mg hemp capsules offered by Premium Jane: