Finding enjoyable hobbies as a parent can be a rewarding way to spend spare time, offering both relaxation and personal fulfillment. Balancing the demands of parenthood with self-care is essential, and engaging in hobbies can provide a much-needed break from daily routines while fostering creativity, physical health, and mental well-being.

Parents often put their own interests on hold to prioritize their children’s needs, but it’s important to carve out time for activities that bring joy and satisfaction. 

Whether it’s a solo pursuit, a shared activity with a partner, or something the whole family can enjoy together, hobbies can help parents reconnect with their passions, reduce stress, and enhance their overall quality of life. Here are some of the top hobbies parents can enjoy in their spare time. 

Play Video Games

As a parent, it can be tough to put yourself first and do something that you enjoy when you spend all of your time prioritizing your children. However, it is important to make time for yourself and indulge in some of your favorite hobbies so that you can stay sane.

One of the best hobbies that parents can enjoy, whether it is alone or with each other, is playing video games. While most people think of violence when it comes to stereotypical video games, these days, there are actually thousands of different video games that you can choose from, including farming games, cooking games, and even adventure games.

You can even visit online casinos for a more adult version of video games and play casino games to pass the time. Many parents don’t have the time to go to casinos anymore and online casinos are a great way to still experience them.


Another great hobby that parents can enjoy, especially with the whole family, is gardening. Whether you have a huge garden with rolling lawns, a few flower beds that need some color, or simply some plants lined up along your window sill, gardening is something that everyone can enjoy.

Gardening is a peaceful hobby that you can completely invest yourself in while taking yourself away from the digital world and the strain that it puts on your eyes. Gardening alone is a great way to simply relax and have some time to yourself.

Gardening with your family is a great way to involve the whole family in an activity that everyone is likely to enjoy. It is important to remember that if you’re gardening with young children things will get messy.


One of the best ways to relax in your downtime is to read a book. Books have so much to offer, whether you enjoy fiction, biographies, history books, or so much more. In addition to that, the amount of genres that you have to choose from is endless, and there is no end to the number of books that you can read.

Reading a book is a great way to spend your spare time because it is calming and relaxing and even seen as a form of meditation. It is also a quiet hobby that will not cause any disruption to your family, especially if you have small children who nap during this time.

Reading is the perfect way to enrich yourself, continue educating yourself on new topics, and simply relax in an enjoyable manner.

Fitness Activities

If you’re looking for something that is more high-energy, fitness activities are definitely the way to go. Doing fitness activities doesn’t only mean going to the gym for an hour when you have a chance; there are so many different types of fitness activities that you can choose from. These include:

  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Rock Climbing
  • Exercise Classes

These are just a few options mentioned. However, there are so many different fitness activities that you can participate in that will help you to get in your exercise for the day, burn some calories, and make you tired so that it is easier to fall asleep at night.

Exercise should be an important part of your daily routine, and as a busy parent, it can be easy to neglect. Even taking half an hour to go for a walk around your neighborhood is a great way to incorporate some exercise into your daily routine.