Creating music is a great hobby that can turn into a burning passion. Many people treat this creative journey as a deeply personal experience that helps them to heal from some issues. No matter what your reasons are to start, here are some tips on how to do it.

Choose Your Preferable Instrument

To start creating music, you need to learn to play some instrument (you can also do it with singing). Some popular choices for beginners include piano, guitar, keyboard, and drums. Once you know how to play an instrument, you will be able to progress and start creating your own music in the style you love.

Learn Music Theory

If you are planning on composing or writing your own music, getting a grip of the basics of music theory can be essential. Knowing scales, chords, and rhythm will be very useful while composing melodies and can significantly increase your creative possibilities.

Get Some Wisdom From Others

Creating music can be very challenging. You might feel like you need guidance. If that is the case, try to find someone you can learn from. It can be a friend that is already advanced in this craft, a book written by an experienced musician, or even a master class. On the internet, you can find many options, including a masterclass run by Timbaland. Learn more about it by reading this review:


Listen And Analyze

To become a creative musician, you should listen to various types of music. Don’t limit yourself to one or two genres, and be an active listener. It’s easy to space out when you immerse yourself in your favorite tunes, but once in a while try to listen actively – pay attention to how sounds are composed, what instruments were used, and so on. Focus especially on those elements that captivate your ear.

Explore Your Creativity

Music is a great outlet for your creativity, so don’t limit yourself. Try different techniques and instruments, check various sounds, even if the whole idea sounds crazy, give it a try – who knows what will be the final outcome of your explorations, especially if you step outside of your comfort zone.


Be Patient

Creating a short song can take you a long time. During the process, you might feel frustrated and want to give up, but be patient and resilient. Not everything has to be perfect right away. If you feel overwhelmed, give yourself a day of break and then step back in to work on your masterpiece.

You can also ask your trusted friends for feedback. This way you will be able to distance yourself a bit from your song, and look at it with a fresh eye.


To be able to create music, you need to learn the fundamentals, but also unleash your creative potential. Once you know how to use your vocal cords or a musical instrument, and get some basics of music theory, you can immerse yourself into this wonderful adventure. Don’t forget to enjoy the process on the way!