Satin evening dresses are eye-catching, and these gowns can come in all styles, lengths, and colors, as you can see by viewing Sherri Hill’s collection. While many individuals love wearing satin and appreciate this material, the care instructions for satin can feel overwhelming to many.

However, you shouldn’t let your concerns over caring for satin or removing stains from a satin evening dress stop you from enjoying this fabric. Our article gives you tips for removing stains from a satin evening dress, so you can easily care for your satin garments and safely prepare your gown for its next wear.

Does Satin Require Special Care?

Satin is a delicate material with a distinctive sheen, and satin does require special care because of its more fragile nature. Placing any kind of satin into a laundry machine, washing it with hot water, or placing it into a dryer can result in damage to your satin garments, something that most people will want to avoid.

However, that doesn’t mean that you need to run to the dry cleaners every time you notice a stain on your satin outfit or whenever you need to clean your satin garments. There are at-home methods for caring for your satin that are important to know if you love wearing this rich material.

The Most Effective Method for Removing Stains From Satin Evening Dresses

The best method for removing stains from a satin evening dress is handwashing – this is something almost everyone can do at home, and it only requires a few materials to accomplish.


We recommend using a large bucket, basin, or bathtub to handwash your satin evening dress, depending on the size and length of the satin garment you are trying to clean.

Basic handwashing steps for a satin evening dress include the following:

  1. Fill your washing bowl, bucket, basin, or bathtub with lukewarm water – do not use very hot water as this will damage the satin.
  2. Add a small amount of detergent to your water; you may want to use detergent for silk or delicate materials.
  3. Fully submerge your satin evening dress into the detergent water and allow it to soak for at least three minutes.
  4. Once the three minutes have passed, place your hands into the water and gently move the satin. This will allow the entire evening dress to be cleaned.
  5. Remove your evening dress from the wash basin and rinse it fully under cold water, occasionally gently agitating it until the water runs clean and all soap is removed from the satin.
  6. After you are sure all detergent is removed from your satin evening dress, lay the garment on an absorbent towel; you may need a large towel or several towels for a long gown. Roll the gown up in the towels and gently apply pressure to the top, as this will help remove excess water. Repeat once or twice until your satin evening dress is damp, and avoid wringing or stretching the satin in any way, as this can damage the fabric.
  7. As soon as your satin evening dress is damp, hang it up or lay it flat to dry in a room temperature or cool place far away from direct sunlight.

The above steps should help you clean your satin evening dress and remove the majority of stains. However, if you are dealing with stubborn stains, you can apply the following advice:

  • Spray or dab a gentle, water-based cleaning solution onto the stain of your satin evening dress before starting the handwashing process. We recommend using slightly diluted white vinegar or lemon juice.
  • Use baking soda, cornstarch, or talcum powder to deal with an oil or grease stain on your satin. Cover the stain with your chosen absorber, place a clean cloth on top, and then apply something heavy, like a book. Leave the powder to absorb the stain overnight, and then complete the satin evening dress handwashing process above.

Remember to always act quickly if your satin evening dress becomes stained. Dab or blot, do not rub the stain, as soon as it happens to start removing it from the fabric. You should use a clean cloth and cold water during this initial dabbing process.

Can I Put My Satin Dress in the Laundry Machine?

You may be able to put your satin dress into your laundry machine, though this is not the preferred method of cleaning your evening dress. Laundry machines can be harsh on satin, as this is such a delicate material, and the wrong water temperature or too aggressive of a wash cycle can result in damage to your evening dress.


If you do wish to the laundry machine to clean stains out of your satin dress, make sure that you turn the dress inside out and place your evening dress into a mesh laundry bag. Add your laundry bag to the washing machine and use a detergent designed for satin or silk satin; turn the laundry machine settings to delicate, wash with cold water, and only use a short rinse cycle.

Once the laundry machine cycle has completed, you should remove your satin evening dress from the laundry bag and lay it flat or hang it to air dry somewhere out of direct sunlight. Never place satin or silk satin into your dryer, as this ruins the material.

Should I Dry Clean My Satin Dress?

It is possible to dry clean your satin dress, though you should always double-check the label of your evening dress for washing and cleaning instructions. Dry cleaning is a good option when hand washing and at-home stain removal methods don’t work, though ensure that you are using a professional dry cleaner who knows how to properly handle your evening dress.

By working with a professional dry cleaner, you can ensure that your evening dress is well taken care of and cleaned before your next wear.

Keeping Your Special Satin Evening Dresses Clean

Satin is a wonderful material that is used in the most beautifully designed evening dresses, though accidents and spills do happen as we wear our favorite outfits. Keeping your special satin evening dresses clean can be done with quick action, dedicated handwashing, and the use of gentle stain removers and grease absorbers.

If you are truly struggling to remove stains from a satin evening dress by yourself, visiting a professional dry cleaner to care for your gown is the best approach to ensuring your outfit stays in top condition.