New moms deserve all the love in the world, and Mother’s Day will only add the cherry on the cake. With the occasion on the horizon, double the joy and send your well wishes with a charming bouquet—a staple gift.

Why flower, you ask? Flowers have a timeless ability to brighten a room, lift spirits, and convey emotions through their vibrant colors and delicate fragrances. We are sure she will feel over the moon after receiving a bright bouquet while welcoming a precious little one – happiness X 2 times. So, if you are the husband, mother-in-law, family, or friend and on the lookout for the best flowers for new mommas, this guide is for you –

The Symbolism of Flowers for New Mothers

Flowers aren’t just pretty petals and sweet smells! People have been expressing their emotions out loud with them for centuries.

When celebrating new moms, the kind of flower you pick and its color can be like a secret little message. Roses, the classic flower of love, help share a whole bouquet of emotions. Some lilies are pure and innocent like moms and perfect for saying, ‘Welcome to this fresh start’ of motherhood. A bouquet of daisies will be like little bursts of joy, the best for celebrating the miracle of a newborn.

Even the colors you choose can add another layer to your floral message. While soft pinks, peaches, and lavenders are ideal for painting the town pink for a baby girl, yellows, blues, and greens give a high five to a new baby boy. But please note that the most important thing is to pick flowers that speak from your heart and congratulate the new mommies in the most beautiful way possible.

Fancy Flower Picks for New Mothers

If you won’t be able to celebrate the upcoming Mother’s Day with her in person, spoil her rotten with a charming bouquet of luxury flowers. Here are some popular choices (based on the messages they convey) that are perfect for celebrating new mothers –

  • Carnations: The Greek name for carnation means ‘flower of the gods.’ This flower, in particular, is highly recognized on Mother’s Day and represents a mother’s undying love. Surprise the new moms with pink or red carnations to know how special she is to you.
  • Lilies: Often associated with purity, innocence, and rebirth, lilies are among the best Mother’s Day flowers. They are a lovely way to symbolize the fresh start of motherhood, and their elegant beauty makes them a stunning addition to any arrangement.
  • Roses: The quintessential flower of love and appreciation, roses come in various colors, each with its meaning. Pink roses express love and admiration, perfect for celebrating a new daughter, while peach roses symbolize new beginnings and warm wishes.
  • Daisies: These cheerful blooms represent innocence, joy, cheerfulness, and motherhood. Their bright and sunny disposition will surely bring a smile to a new mom’s face. You can also add daisies to other Mother’s Day arrangements as they make an excellent addition.
  • Tulips: Symbolizing perfect love and happiness, tulips come in various colors that can be tailored to the occasion. These spring flowers are perfect for welcoming a newborn, while a vibrant mix of colors adds a touch of festivity. Since they come in a range of colors – pink, purple, yellow, or white – you can cheer her up beautifully.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Hundreds of online florists offer a wide selection of pre-designed bouquets for Mother’s Day specifically curated for new moms, making it easy to find the perfect floral gift. Additionally, they often provide convenient online ordering with same-day or next-day delivery, ensuring your Mother’s Day gift arrives fresh and vibrant.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Floral Gift

While flowers are a beautiful gesture on their own, you can make the gift even more special by pairing them with other thoughtful additions, such as –

  • Gourmet Treats: Spoil the new mom with gourmet chocolates, cookies, brownies, or a basket of fresh fruit. This provides a delightful treat amidst the busy newborn days.
  • Pampering Essentials: Help the new mom relax and de-stress with a luxurious bathrobe, aromatherapy candles, or calming bath bombs.
  • Baby Essentials: Pair the flower arrangement with a soft baby blanket, a cuddly stuffed animal, a baby bib, or a set of organic baby bath products.

The aforementioned floral gift hampers are a complete package that caters to the new mother and her precious little one.

Fresh flowers are the perfect way to congratulate a new mom and mention, ‘I am with you in this journey.’ They’re beautiful and cheerful and show you care. Pick roses, lilies, peonies, carnations, sunflowers, or orchids – any blooms will brighten her day.