Hiring expert essay writers is never easy for your pockets. One of the major criticisms that such services face is charging high prices just to take advantage of students. Now, there’s nothing you can do when dealing with research papers and dissertations. These are such crucial papers that scoring low on them can affect your future.

What about something as simple as a persuasive essay? Do you have confidence in your persuasion skills? Ask yourself, “Can I get a staunch follower of DC comics to admit that Marvel comics are better?” If the answer is no, then perhaps you should seriously consider getting essay writer help from a persuasive essay writing service.

Most reliable essay writing services charge high prices. They’ll take $50 just to write a 1000-word essay and then take additional charges to edit or proofread their own content. Isn’t that absurd?

Some websites offer dirt-cheap prices, but the quality of writing they offer is questionable. So now, it’s up to you to you to figure out whether paying professional writers is worth it. In order to get the answer, you have to introspect a little bit. Ask yourself the following questions –

· Are my persuasion skills up to the mark?

· Do I have the time to do justice to my essay?

· Are my essay writing skills up to the expected standards?

· Can I handle the academic stress?

Let’s find out why answering each of these questions will help you figure out whether investing in professional essay writing services for your persuasive essays will be worth it or not.

Presence of Persuasive Skills

Polishing your persuasion skills is all about knowing what kind of persuasion strategy you have to adopt. This strategy depends on the following aspects –

· Knowing your audience

· Understanding your audience’s expectations

· Being able to identify your skills

· Building your credibility

In order to be a persuasive person, you have to learn how to maximize ethos, pathos, and logos in your writing.

Ethos is all about building credibility.

Suppose you’re trying to persuade someone that DC is better than Marvel. The person you’re trying to persuade will listen to you only if you are able to prove that you have in-depth knowledge of both to make a comparative study in the first place.

Next comes pathos, or the ability to appeal to readers emotionally using metaphorical language, vivid descriptions, and personal stories.

Finally, you have logos, or the ability to use logical reasoning to appeal to speakers.

When you’re trying to persuade someone, you can’t rely entirely on just one of these. Instead, you have to strike a balance. Use logical reasoning where leaning on emotions will make readers question your credibility.

At this point, do you really need to hire someone?

Well, here’s what you can do –

· Write a rough draft of your persuasive essay.

· Highlight the persuasive sections of the essay.

· Get someone else to read the paper.

Are they convinced? Do they think there is room for improvement? In that case, it’s definitely worth paying a professional. Once you go through the experts’ writing and compare it to yours, you’ll be able to figure out how to use persuasion strategies properly. Then, you can improve your writing and eventually master persuasive essays.

Consideration of the Task Deadline

All essays have a set deadline. So, if you’re planning to tackle the assignment on your own, consider the days you have remaining and the things you have yet to do. When writing a persuasive essay, you have to –

Gather in-depth information on the topic.

Assess the reliability of your opinion.


Check if there are credible sources to back up your opinion.

Figure out how to arrange the points in your essay to make maximum impact.

All these steps are just part of the pre-writing stage! Once you’ve finalized your ideas, you still have to write the entire paper. That’s definitely going to take some time, especially if you include editing and proofreading as well.

So, Should You Get Someone Else To Help?

If you’re worried about not meeting the deadline, then there are other alternatives, like using AI content generators to get the job done quickly. However, using such tools is –

· Against the ethical standards maintained in academic

· Risky due to the high chances of the presence of plagiarism and inaccurate information

There’s no other option other than to rely on professional writers.

Here’s a little tip:

Don’t wait till the last second.

The closer the deadline, the pricier the services will become. If you’ve figured out that you won’t be able to complete the entire work within the time limit, then try to find a writer ASAP.

Confidence in Writing Skills

Good writing skills aren’t only about writing grammatically correct sentences and maintaining perfect spelling throughout the content. It’s more about knowing how to use words to fulfill your purpose.

What aspect of your writing skills should you focus on for a persuasive essay?

· Use of strong language without beating around the bush

· Using emotive language to help readers form a sentimental connection

· Use of puns, rhymes, and other types of wordplay to make the content memorable

· Adding rhetorical questions to keep the readers engaged

· Repeating ideas without making it too obvious

Are you confident that you’ll be able to apply all these skills when writing your essay?

Don’t worry if you’re not so confident in your own writing. Such confidence comes with time. So, let a professional handle a few papers and build your confidence during that time by developing these skills.

Academic Stress Management

Let’s think of the top stress factors in any student’s life –

#1 – Assignments

#2 – Deadlines

#3 – Grades

#4 – Academic responsibilities


Can you really handle all these while simultaneously writing an impressive persuasive essay?

Kudos to you if you can! However, most students struggle to juggle two things at once, let alone all four. That’s why, without even meaning to, they rush through the writing process and end up compromising the quality of the essay.

So, do you think you’ll end up the same as these other students?

If that’s the case, then consider hiring a professional. No assignment is worth ruining your mental health over. Stress will always follow you – you just have to learn which ones are worth dealing with.

In Conclusion,

It is worth paying someone else to write a persuasive essay for you. After all, there’s nothing wrong with signing up for some academic guidance to improve your writing. You can always learn more from the sample that you get and upgrade your essays.