Looking for a fun gift for a toddler or young child? Have you heard about a kids bumper car?

These battery-powered kids vehicles are ideal for driveways, sidewalks, and anywhere else your child wants to have some driving fun.  Take a look at the 6V baby electric car and read on as we review its features.

Kids electric cars have come a long way over the last few years!  In fact, this 6V kids bumper car is in a league of its own when it comes to cushioning crashes.

Whether you’re looking for your child’s first ride-on toy, or considering it as a gift for some other lucky youngster.   This article will help you decide if the 6V baby electric car is the right choice.

Do Kids Bumper Car Work At Home?

Kids bumper cars are a great way to get your child’s energy out.  However, you may be wondering if they can be used at home. The good news is that bumper cars for kids are ideal to be driven at home!

There are a few things to keep in mind when setting up kids electric cars at home.

  • First, you’ll need a large space. Requires a lot of room to move around, so a large living room or backyard is perfect.
  • Second, you’ll need to make sure the area is clear of obstacles. Kids bumper cars can move quickly and bump into things, so it’s important to remove any furniture or other objects that could be in their way.
  • Finally, you’ll need to make sure the unit is charged. Kids bumper car typically comes with a charger, so all you’ll need to do is plug it in and let it charge overnight.

The Kids Bumper Car – 6V Kids Electric Car

Historically, bumper cars are made for fairs and carnivals.  They have special rubber linings on all sides of the cars to protect against damage as they are designed to “bounce” of each other.  They accommodate two people and comprise two main parts; a pedal to accelerate the speed and a steering wheel.  Most importantly, children were not allowed to ride in them as they were dangerous!

On the other hand, the 6v kids electric car is designed specifically for kids.  In fact, it is a motor ride that can be used for indoor and outdoor activities.

Moreover, the baby 6v bumper car is a great introduction to the world of kids electric cars.  Read on and let’s take a look at its features!


A bumper car can move in all directions because it has a 360-degree spin. Kids enjoy their rides with these amazing features.

It is ideal for toddlers and 1.5-6 years old kids.

Modes of Driving Kids Electric Car

One of the most amazing features of this kids electric car is that it has two modes of driving.  Kids can ride on it and drive it independently by using the joystick.

The second mode is parental control with the remote.  In this mode, the car is controlled by a remote which parents use to teach their kids how to choose direction and turn the car (driving instructions).

Kids Bumper Car - 6V Baby Electric Cars

Safety Features of Kids Bumper Car

6V bumper cars are equipped for safety with a safety belt and anti-flat tires for more protection.   For long-lasting durability, construction includes a sturdy plastic shell.  Remote control offers a safer driving experience for kids.

Fun Ride

Kids and toddlers can have great fun in these bumper cars.  LED lights enhance the look to make them truly charming and beautiful.  At night these lights can give the child the feeling that they are driving on the road.

Enhance the fun and allow your little ones to customize the design with their favorite stickers.

Baby Electric Car Performance

The bumper car includes a 6Volt rechargeable battery.  Your child can enjoy a minimum of 1 to 2 hours of riding fun with the battery fully charged.

Approximately battery charging time is about 5 hours.  For the first time is required minimum of 18 hours for charging.

Kids Bumper Car is Easy to Assemble

To use bumper cars no assembly is required, simply connect the battery wire then charge it and let the fun start.


Bumper Car is tested by a third party and obtains certification according to international market qualification requirements. The ASTM-certified Electric Ride.

Attractive colors

Bumper car is available in blue and pink.   A baby boy wants to drive blue color cars while a baby girl is more attracted to pink color.  So according to the taste of the child, it has different colors to increase the fun of driving.

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Spacious Baby Electric Car

The child can sit comfortably for several hours on a bumper car because it is fitted with a spacious seat.  In fact, there is enough legroom that your baby can be using the electric ride on a bumper car for years to come.

Summary and Conclusion

The Kids Bumper Car is perfect for toddlers and young children. It has a 6V battery, which makes it easy to operate. The car is also sturdy and well-built, making it perfect for hours of fun.

With its bright colors and cheerful design, the car is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face.

Precautions on Using Kids Bumper Car

  •       Adult supervision is required to reduce the risk of injury
  •       Never use a bumper car on roadway sides
  •       Don’t use it on or near the steep inclines or steps
  •       Never allow your child to drive between road vehicles
  •       Stay away from water bodies
  •       Not operate during charging

So, If you’re looking for an affordable gift that will keep your child entertained, the Kids Bumper Car  or kids electric cars are perfect choices. Order yours today!

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