Making changes around the home can sound like a very expensive task, but there are several ways that you can improve your interior without breaking the budget. Whether you want to decorate before you sell the place or to simply make the place more comfortable for you and your family, these are We Buy Any House’s tips for lounge improvement ideas!

6 Tips For Your Lounge Improvement 

These tips will give you an idea of how to make your lounge nice and comfortable with your budget.

1. Add A New Rug

Having a new rug in your living area will revamp the place instantly and is beneficial for lots of reasons. If you pick a large rug, it acts as new flooring, which will look like an expensive update that you can secure on a low budget; it also means that you can pick any color that you want and have it be a stunning focal point in the room, especially if you want to update with a new color scheme in making lounge improvement.

a couch and a new rug in a lounge

Rugs are also perfect on wooden or laminate flooring as they will be much warmer underfoot, perfect in homes with young children that like to run around barefoot.

You’ll probably be able to find different offers to save money when you look at buying a new rug if you do some research, keeping those costs down.

2. Repaint The Walls For Lounge Improvement

Refreshing walls will always make a room look updated and can be done on a near enough budget. It’s better to pick neutral colors so your rooms will look bigger and brighter.

If you’re updating to sell, it will also help any viewers imagine their own furniture in the house, acting as a blank canvas for them.

a woman repaints a lounge

If you’re decorating the house for yourself, you can play with bolder colors that will really make the room stand out. Feature walls are a fantastic way to change a room and are also a really good solution for anyone who wants to add some color without committing to a full room of the shade.

You can do this lounge improvement with either wallpaper or paint, depending on the budget that you’re working with – wallpaper is generally a more expensive option, but if you shop smart and thrift for offers, you’ll likely still be able to find some beautiful rolls.

3. Design Lounge Toy Storage

Lounges across the country get taken over by children’s toys, and it can feel impossible to keep them tidy – but by getting some cleverly designed storage in the room, your kids can play as much as they like without you feeling like you’re in a never-ending battle of organizing. 

toys and storages in a lounge

A popular option for your lounge improvement is to get under-sofa storage, which will mean you can put toys away at the end of each day and leave the room looking spick and span – it’s also a great way to get the kids involved in the cleaning process and teach them to put their things away.

In some homes, this isn’t an option, in which case you can look into buying chests or even storage boxes that you can match to your color scheme, so they fit in well to your room – keeping items out of sight but still easily accessible for the whole household!

4. Update Your Lounge Cushion Covers

Some homes have loads of cushions on the couches, and some less so, but updating these is a really quick, easy, and most importantly, cheap way to make your lounge look new.

You can look at all sorts of different colors and materials that will complement the color scheme that you’ve chosen for the room, and even think about incorporating a different tone than you might have done before to really make them stand out.

update to cozy cushion covers

If you don’t have many cushions in your lounge, adding more will make a big difference as they will make your sofas look much more welcoming while adding extra color and dimension to your lounge. Some families don’t want to have too many cushions, so adding something like a brightly patterned throw over the back of your seats is a perfect alternative that will make them look incredibly cozy. Find out more decoration essentials.

5. Put Some Art On The Walls

Often, homeowners forget just how much space they miss out on by not using the walls. Putting up some artwork will completely change the atmosphere of any room and is a great way to make the place personal for you and your family without having to spend a lot.

sofa and frame art

You can get all kinds of prints and canvases for a good price, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try making some of your own art with some craft supplies. This way, you can pick the exact colors and styles that you want to work with, and it can be incredibly fun for the whole family– it also adds a huge amount of achievement and pride when you can put your families’ work up and display it.

For families that want to add a more personal touch without getting their hands too dirty, you can look at collages – having a wall of photos of your family and friends that will look beautiful and remind you of all those fond memories that you’ve shared over the years!

6. Changing The Layout for Lounge Improvement

An incredibly effective way to make a room look new without having to spend a penny is to move things around and refresh the floorplan.

couches rug tv lights

Lounge areas are the perfect space for this as there tend to be plenty of things that you can move without too much heavy lifting, and you’ll probably be surprised with how many different layouts you can create with the things that you’ve got.

By rearranging your furniture every few months, you can make the room feel new again and again, and sometimes even by just moving a couple of things, you can make a big difference. It’s an easy option for any home as it doesn’t rely on your need to buy new things, and even though it will still be the same pieces, it makes a room look new. 

Moving furniture closer together in the winter months provides a cozier space, and then back in the summer months to provide more space that makes the room feel more open and cooler.

A lot of families applies these lounge improvement ideas


No matter what budget you’re working on, there are plenty of lounge improvement ideas that you can apply and have it feeling friendly and welcoming for your whole family!

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