Separating kids from their online video games in this modern age is like trying to take candy from a baby – challenging and often met with resistance.

Sure, gaming boosts their brainpower, sharpens their skills, and fuels their imagination. But on the flip side, your little tech champs are often so engrossed that the parent-kid bonding time takes a backseat.

Does this scenario sound all too familiar? If you’re nodding in agreement, you’re in the right spot. There’s a fun solution to this situation, i.e., instead of pulling them away from screens, why not dive in alongside them?

But here’s the twist: rather than diving into the latest trending games, journey back in time and introduce them to the following classic games of your own childhood that you can now play online,  or you can check out theosgvault and see about owning the original.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Share Stories

It is one of the popular Gamestalgia’s retro games that allows you to spend quality time with your kids. In this game, the players could become one of the colorful heroes- Power Rangers, fighting against monsters and saving the day.

The characters, each with unique skills, made playing fun and exciting. Plus, the bright colors, cool moves, and catchy tunes made every round special.


Playing this amazing game with your kids gives you a golden opportunity to bond. As you guide them through the levels, you can share stories of your own gaming adventures from when you were their age. Laughing at the quirky enemies and celebrating victories together can create heartwarming memories.

Road Rash Jailbreak to Boost Communication

If your kids are into racing games, Road Rash Jailbreak is perfect for them. This online game combines the thrill of motorcycle racing with a sprinkle of mischief. Players zoom through streets at breakneck speeds while trying to outpace their rivals.

But it’s not just about speed; there’s a cheeky element of dodging obstacles and occasionally nudging competitors to gain an edge.

Your kids will surely love this game’s adrenaline rush, and you’ll laugh at the unexpected twists and turns. Not to mention, racing together or even as rivals will give both of you a chance to communicate, strategize, and, most importantly, have fun together.

Naruto: Ninja Destiny to Build Trust

Are your kids into action and a bit of fantasy? If yes, introducing them to Naruto: Ninja Destiny might just make you the coolest parent. Inspired by a beloved anime series, this game brings players into an exciting world of ninja battles.


With its vibrant graphics and easy-to-grasp controls, it’s a journey filled with thrilling challenges and memorable characters (of course).

Apart from the sheer fun of combat, the game narrates a tale of perseverance, friendship, and determination. As you and your kids navigate the game storyline, you’ll share strategies, cheer each other on, and even reminisce about your favorite moments from the series. All this will give both of you something to look forward to during game nights and build trust.

Final Thoughts

Gaming isn’t just about the new and flashy titles. Sometimes, the old classics have a unique charm that modern games can’t match. By introducing your kids to these nostalgic online games, you’re giving them a taste of your childhood and building lasting connections. So, why wait? Turn on your PC or console and dive into a world of memories and fun with your little ones.