Pregnancy back pain is a big issue for many women for many reasons.  The problem aggravates as the pregnancy progresses and worsens in the final trimester.

Weight gain can often be the cause of the pain because it exerts extra pressure on the lower back.  Hormonal changes may also be a possible reason because they relax the ligaments in the pelvic joints.

While you can’t change the extra pounds and hormonal disruptions during pregnancy, there are some tried and tested ways to address pregnancy back pain.

However, try to find methods that don’t involve painkillers or other drugs, as medicines can harm your baby.  The last thing you want to deal with is side effects causing damage to your pregnancy.

Moreover, your gynecologist will probably ask you to bear the pain instead of taking unnecessary medication.

Fortunately, you can rely on prenatal chiropractic care, provided by a skilled chiropractor in Bentonville Arkansas, to address the problem without side effects and risks. Here are a few recommendations chiropractors have for women struggling with pregnancy back pain.

As baby grows, you gain weight which shifts your center of gravity forward.  To counter this you tend to lean back to maintain balance.

This abnormal posture strains the lower back muscles, often leading to back pain during pregnancy.

You can practice good posture by following these basics.  Stand up straight and tall, holding your chest high and keeping your shoulders back and relaxed.

Also, maintain a straight back while sitting for long hours with good support structures.

Working women need to be use proper ergonomic furniture that provides adequate support to the lower back area.

posture will help with pregnancy back pain

Invest In The Right Maternity Gear

Investing in the right maternity gear is also a good way to address pregnancy back pain problems.

Supportive clothing does more than keep you comfortable with the growing weight and size of your abdomen.

avoid pregnancy back pain with a good quality maternity belt

Wearing a maternity support belt helps to deal with the back pain concern.

Remember to wear low-heeled shoes with good arch support.

High heels are a no-no as they shift your balance forward and elevate the risk of a fall. Moreover, they put unnecessary pressure on your lower back.

Buy some comfortable slippers that look trendy and keep backaches at bay.

Get Help Sooner Than Later

Painkillers are not an option for pregnant women long-term because they do more harm than good. However, it is important to get help instead of suffering in silence.  The best way to start is by searching for a prenatal chiropractor near me on the internet.

You can check a local clinic nearby to avoid driving a long distance as it can make you uneasy.  Before starting treatment at a chiropractic clinic, go through its reviews to be sure about the service quality and expertise.

Additionally, if you are wondering what chiropractic treatment you should opt for, you can read more here and select the best option.

A seasoned professional can make life a lot easier for you.  Experts suggest seeking treatment sooner than later to prevent aggravation.

Sleep On Your Side To Avoid Pregnancy Back Pain

Quality sleep is the key to a healthy pregnancy as it gives rest and boosts fetal growth.

Unfortunately, sleep deprivation is common during the second and third trimesters due to the changes in your body and hormones.

But you must try your best to get enough of it, which is possible with a few simple measures. The correct sleeping posture can limit the risk of pregnancy back pain, so you must develop it with regular practice. Sleeping on your side helps.

You can also use a pregnancy pillow between your knees, behind your back, and under your abdomen. You will be a lot more comfortable by adopting the correct posture and getting the right aids.

avoid back pain with a good quality pregnancy pillow

Integrate Physical Activity Into Your Routine To Avoid Pregnancy Back Pain

While adequate rest is essential during pregnancy, regular physical activity is equally crucial.

It can prevent unnecessary weight gain and keep backache at bay. But you cannot work out without a plan because the wrong exercises can harm the baby and even cause premature labor.

Seek advice from your provider, and stick with gentle exercises such as walking, stretching, and yoga. A physical therapist can guide you to perform stretches for your lower back.

But remember to listen to your body while working out. Overdoing anything is not a good idea for a pregnant woman.

There is also post-pregnancy complication like pelvic prolapse that should be avoided through pelvic-floor exercises.

pregnant woman exercise

Most pregnancy issues are easy to resolve without medication, and back pain is no exception. But you must find safe and reliable alternatives to resolve the condition.

Moreover, a few lifestyle changes can prevent and address them easily and effectively. You can rely on these chiropractor-recommended tips to avoid back pain during pregnancy and enjoy your journey to motherhood.