Are you throwing a princess-themed birthday party for your little one? You’ll want to transform your home into a palace worthy of royalty. With the right decorations and accessories, you can create a fantasyland that’s fit for a princess on her special day. This article will provide tips on decorating on a budget while still achieving that over-the-top princess party vibe.

Decorating With Pink

No princess party is complete without plenty of pink. Pink tablecloths, napkins, plates, cups, and pink balloons are a must. Pick up packs of pink paper goods at discount stores. Plastic tablecloths in blush pink make the perfect backdrop for a royal tea party. For balloons, grab a few packs of pink latex balloons alongside a helium tank kit. Twist and tie three balloons together and attach a curling ribbon to create balloon bouquets.

For extra decoration, cut out different-sized pink cardboard crowns. Tape them up along the walls. Purchase packs of giant glittery pom poms in various shades of pink. Use them to embellish table settings and corners of the room.

Backdrop Banners

Turn any wall into a castle backdrop with a large vinyl banner. Search online for affordable princess castle banners. These make for perfect photo backdrops. For a budget option, grab a roll of pink bulletin board paper. Cut out the shape of a castle with turrets using a template. Decorate it with glitter, gems, and markers. Use finishing tape to hang it up.


Tablescapes Fit for Royalty

The party table should look elegant and princess-worthy. Raid local craft stores for tulle fabric in pink and purple. Drape lengths of tulle down the table as a runner. Wrap inexpensive plastic wine glasses with more tulle and secure with ribbon. Fold napkins into decorative shapes. Print and cut out paper floral shapes. Affix them to skewers and place them in small vases for a centerpiece.

Grab packs of plastic jewels, glitter, and mini tiaras. Scatter them across the table for a jeweled effect. Use cupcake liners as decorative plates. Twist and tie pink and purple balloons around chairs. Print customized “place cards” for each little princess using cardstock and decorative scissors.

Royal Crowns

Provide crown headbands or DIY crowns for all the young guests. A simple height is easy to make with a pink or purple cardboard strip. Measure a strip long enough to fit around the head. Cut the ends into rounded points. Decorate with craft jewels, glitter, and feathers. Staple or glue the ends together to form the crown. Add an elastic string so it fits snugly.

For even more pizzazz, attach ribbons streaming down the back. Visit local craft or dollar stores to find packs of ready-made princess crowns and tiaras. Set them in a decorative basket for kids to grab and wear.


Sweet Treats for Princesses

Of course, every royal tea party needs cake and treats! Bake cupcakes and frost them with pink buttercream frosting. Top with sparkly edible glitter, jewels, or glass “diamonds.” Make chocolate-dipped pretzel rods glittery by coating them in edible glitter.

You can also order a sheet cake with a crown design from your local bakery. Arrange cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, or other goodies on elegant three-tiered platters. They’ll look like royal dessert trays. Provide disposable sugar cookies for guests to decorate themselves with icing and sprinkles.

You can create a fantasy princess party at home with the right touches of pink, plenty of glitter and sparkle, and decorative accents. Follow these tips to transform your space into a palace perfect for your little birthday girl and her royal court. She’ll feel like true royalty as she celebrates in style.