You need to think outside the box when it comes to indoor activities when it rains in Vancouver, which is most of the time. TV binge-watching runs out of steam eventually. Knowing how to leave the house is essential to surviving Vancouver’s many wet days since you won’t have to wait long to get your taste of fall.

And since it seems to rain more days than there are daylight hours in a year, Vancouver residents have found alternatives for when these times come, but the rain can sometimes be too much. That is, the town is filled with places where locals and visitors can enjoy themselves indoors while protecting themselves from the weather. Here are some of our top picks for Vancouver family activities on rainy days.

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Now that we have established that, let’s move to our suggestions.

Going Out Without Going Out

Yep, you read that right, and we don’t make fun of you. We are talking about the Bloedel Conservatory, of course!


This is the ideal choice if you’re itching to go outside but don’t want to get soaked by the rain. You may be in a tropical rainforest thanks to the conservatory’s exotic birds and lovely plants. The best way to escape the city without actually doing it.

“Extreme” Family Indoor Exercise

This is the time for your little loved ones (and you) to go crazy without the fear of breaking your mother-in-law’s wedding gift. We have two suggestions.


First, there is the Extreme Air Park. The indoor activities that you can do there are so many that even your most active child, after some time, would collapse from happiness, satisfaction, and lack of energy, of course. More specifically, there is a gladiator pit, a glow-in-the-dark park, a glow rock climbing room, a 50 FT halfpipe, knockerballs, 3D Dodgeball (for the love of God), an A-Mazing Dunk Zone, a Foam Zone, an Extreme Rock Climbing zone. We already feel worn out!

Our second suggestion is the Hive Vancouver, an indoor climbing gym that provides many different rooms and climbing styles based on your age and level of climbing expertise. Therefore, after arriving using the airport taxi, both you and your children are going to spend your afternoon in the most enjoyable way.

Public Markets

The market that we love most in Vancouver is The Granville Island Public Market.

Not a mall, but a market! It is a great place to explore as you can taste delicious cuisine and find local goods. It’s a very nice thing to do with your family on a rainy and gloomy Saturday morning (or evening) to get you out of the home and stay indoors at the same time.


Restaurants, cafes & bars, gourmet restaurants, food stalls, and artisan boutiques, this place has it all! There, you can find a family arcade too!

YVR Airport

Some may laugh at that, but visiting the Vancouver International Airport on a rainy day can be a lot of fun. The Domestic Terminal of the airport is where you can find the free Observation Deck area.

This area provides a clear view of the operations area and runways. Telescopes, models, and exhibits regarding the background of the Airport and Sea Island may be found here as well. Of course, if you want to make a day of it, you may get here by AtoB airport transfer and also go to the stores and restaurants.

Vancouver Aquarium

One of our best suggestions and time activities on rainy days. Observed the hundreds of different marine animals swimming around, including otters, frogs, and sharks.


And there is an upside here. It enables you to hire an AtoB airport taxi and drop over for a quick visit on those energetic days. The private, secure setting allows parents to unwind and catch up with friends while their children are having casual conversations with the fish.

Science World

The TELUS World of Science is an excellent place to go on a wet day because it allows for quick stops as well as extended stays for boredom or escape from the weather.

For younger children (2 to 6 years old), there is the Kidspace Gallery & Playground; for music and the living sciences, there are the Eureka and Bodyworks Galleries; and, of course, OmniMax stage performances are available for an additional cost. Playing while learning has never been more enjoyable.

Still worried about what to do during these days or completely satisfied? We told you that there are plenty of indoor activities. So, there you have your complete guide for family-friendly indoor activities in Vancouver. You’ll only need an umbrella to get to or from your Vancouver airport taxi!