As we get closer and closer to the summer break, thinking of things to do with the little ones is sometimes a bit of a challenge. Luckily for some parents, kids will happily sit and watch a film and relax also, a lot of kids love animals and there is a way of mixing these two to have a fun and relaxing day during a longer summer break. If you are lucky and your children are like this then we have a list of films that have animals that your kids should like.


Tangles is one of the more recent films that we will speak about today but it is also one of my favourites. One of the main elements of the film is not only the beautiful relationship between Rapunzel and Flynn but also the animals that surround them. Rapunzel has a pet frog who offers a lot of comedic relief and is very important to the story. The film also features a horse named Maximus who has a lovely relationship with Rapunzel and a hilarious relationship with Flynn, with Flynn and Maximus fighting for a lot of the film. The horse is also very key to the story and a character you and your children will love by the end of it, also, Maximus the horse might make you want to bet on horse racing online while the kids are distracted by the film which is another great thing about films, you can have some alone time while they watch the film.

The Lion King

Now onto one of the biggest and best films of all time and an absolute classic, you have to show your kids. Lion King shows a great story about family and betrayal while being heartbreaking and hilarious all the same.


Every character in the film is an animal from the jungle and some they will love and some they will hate but they will definitely have a great time. It has some iconic music that you can sing to be the annoying parent and songs that they will grow to love as you do, this also could be the first Disney film they watch and could start their Disney obsession. The story is also fantastic and will teach them a lot about the circle of life so they can learn even out of school.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is a very iconic film with a lot of very touching moments with an overall funny and heartwarming story. This film is completely different, animal-wise and story-wise, from The Lion King but just as good, although I prefer The Lion King. Finding Nemo has a lot of great life lessons and shows a lovely relationship between a father and his son which could be a great watch for a dad and son day. The film was a massive success and got a sequel a decade later which was good but not as good as the iconic first one.

101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmations is the oldest film on this list; it has multiple sequels, remakes, and spin-offs that created an iconic character in Cruella De Vil.


In all honesty, 101 Dalmations is one of the biggest and most iconic films of all time with films in the series coming out as recently as 3 years ago, 60 years after the original. 101 Dalmations follows completely on adorable dogs with 99 of them being adorable puppies which the kids will absolutely love.