When you lose your baby teeth, it becomes an exciting event where you keep the tooth under the pillow to get gifts from the tooth fairy. However, losing an adult tooth, on the other hand, is an emergency that might lead to a dental crisis. It is pretty common for kids to get involved in accidents during everyday play or contact sports. The primary area of damage is usually the face, making athletic injuries an immediate link between dentistry and sports.

Of course, adults and teens can have injuries such as knocked-out teeth, also known as avulsed teeth. If it gets chipped, gather the broken pieces and immediately take them to the dentist to fix it, but if your entire tooth has been knocked out, you must act fast to increase the chances of the tooth being safe and reimplanted.

Act Quickly After the Knockout

Time is a very crucial factor for the survival of the tooth. If you want to get it replaced into the socket, you have to place it in proper storage within 5 minutes of it getting knocked out so that it will survive. Between 10 to 60 minutes, you can say it has a reasonable survival rate if you store it correctly, but if the tooth stays out of the mouth and dries for more than an hour, the chances of survival decrease significantly. What should be your step when your tooth gets knocked out? Whenever it comes out, you first have to check whether it is a baby tooth or an adult tooth.



A baby tooth cannot be reimplanted; you have to wait for the adult tooth. However, it is still essential for you to take your child to the dentist to ensure there are no other fragments left in the gum so that there is proper space for the permanent tooth to grow. When a permanent tooth gets knocked out, your focus should be to get the tooth. If it is on the field, you have to locate it and store it.

Put Your Precious Tooth Back in the Tooth Socket

Are you thinking of implanting your tooth? Please do not do so because you cannot do it alone. You may put it into the socket to enhance the chance of survival until you have proper dental emergency care. If the tooth is visibly soiled, you should rinse it with milk or water. Once done, you can use your fingers to push it back. When handling a tooth, ensure you do not touch it by the root since the root will contain a series of critical periodontal ligaments necessary for the healing process. Instead, you should handle the tooth by touching the crown because there are no roots here.


You might wonder why you should put a knockout tooth into a bowl of milk. It would help if you put it into a bowl of milk because it will help maintain the survival rate of periodontal ligaments, thereby enhancing the chances of a successful implant. You might even put it into a small food storage box with enough milk to cover the entire tooth. Make sure the package comes with a lid. You might even get an emergency tooth preservation kit at Dublin Dental Care Ohio to keep your tooth moist until you get emergency dental care.