Raise Healthy Teens With These 6 Healthy Habits

We all know that health is made up of many things.  For teenage girls, healthy habits are especially important. In fact, we must look at physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and behavioral aspects of health.  It is vital to be aware of what a healthy teen needs

When dealing with young adults, it is important to pay attention to all aspects of health.  A healthy teen will regularly excercise their body and mind to help them enjoy life. 

Being a teenage girl, it is vital to develop and practice healthy habits.  Indeed, there are many responsibilities awaiting you. 

In this article, we “spill the beans” on some practical and healthy habits for teenage girls

1.  Develop Healthy Habits For Teenage Girls And Money

Money may not buy you happiness, but it does give you freedom.  It dictates how your life will be in the future as we can’t always depend on others.  There are times when you may have to deal with situations alone. 

Money-saving and financial knowledge is one of those healthy habits for teenage girls to develop early in their lives.  Being financially independent is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome for teenagers seeking their independence.  Being financially savvy can help in overcoming this hurdle. The sooner you start, the easier your adulthood will be. 

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healthy habits to teach teenage girls

2.  Physical Exercise Is Vital For Healthy Teens

Teenage years are the period with endless energy, an abundance of free time and limited responsibility.  Exercise is easier to continue when you start young. Once you get into the groove, it gives you social and physical benefits to continue in adulthood. 

exercise habits for teenage girls

Physical exercise boosts muscle strength and helps in the supply of oxygen and nutrients to tissues.  The cardiovascular system of healthy teens also functions at an optimal level because of regular physical activity. 

This physical activity may take many forms.  Teenagers love the social aspect of playing sports but many also enjoy walking and running.  With energy to spare, sport and exercise help clear the mind and reduce time spent on devices

Among healthy habits for teenage girls, physical exercise and a healthy diet are the two most important factors. A healthy teen will need to eat well to keep up with their body’s needs for nutrients.  This is especially important with iron intake for teenage girls. 

3.  Empathetic Listening

The secret to having a healthy conversation is empathetic listening.  This means not only listening, but understanding and responding in a way to improve mutual trust and understanding.  Many teenage girls cut in and try to outdo someone’s statement only to get ahead in a conversation. This is not only unhealthy, it may lead to the hurtful habit of lying and deceit. 

Being empathic is one of those healthy habits for teenage girls that will help them in the long run.  It allows them to build relationships with friends based on respect and understanding.  

Adolescent girls are very vulnerable to bad influences as the need to “fit in” is great.  It is essential to build and sustain healthy friendships and relationships at this age.  Empathetic listening is the magic pill to ensure healthy teen relationships.

healthy habits to teach teenager girls

4.  Self-acceptance Is A Healthy Habit For Teenage Girls

Teenage girls are prone to develop mental health issues, mainly because of self-esteem issues. Self-acceptance is the most challenging yet essential thing to practice to develop as a healthy teen.  It means to accept yourself without any conditions. 

Understand, it’s ok if you don’t meet the fabricated standards that society has set!  They are unrealistic and are nothing to be aiming to achieve! 

Without accepting oneself, a teenage girl is prone to eating disorders, low self-esteem and loss of confidence.  Learning to love yourself, with all your perceived imperfections, is a healthy habit that is vital for teenage girls.

Social media has played a vital role in establishing and normalizing these unrealistic standards. The limited use of social media can alleviate this problem to a great extent. 

teenage girls and healthy self love habits

Let’s look at some useful ways of developing self-acceptance: 

  • Show kindness to yourself 
  • Confront your fears
  • Develop positivity 
  • Embrace your imperfections 
  • Forgive yourself
  • Have faith in yourself and your abilities
  • Be consistent 
  • Don’t give up ever

5.  The 2-minute Rule

Healthy habits for teenage girls may also include practicing the 2-minute Rule.  According to this rule, if anything takes less than 2-minutes, do it now!

Implementing this practice will help increase productivity and avoid procrastination. 


Let’s see what healthy teens can do under 2 minutes:

  • Write down your thoughts in a journal at a given moment
  • Complete 10 jumping jacks
  • How about trying mindful breathing? 
  • Respond to emails 
  • Clean your room 
  • Eat any fruit you like
  • Set the alarm or reminder for an essential goal or task
  • Smile wider. You look beautiful smiling
  • Pay a compliment. Who doesn’t like it?
  • Text any of your loved ones. They might be missing you!
2 minute healthy habit for teenage girls

6.  Toxic Relationships Impair Healthy Habits For Teenage Girls

Healthy teens know their worth and they don’t allow the opinion of others to impact on their self-worth.  Cutting out toxic and damaging relationships is one of the essential healthy habits for teenage girls

habits to teach teenagers about relationships

It is not healthy to:

  • give countless chances to a partner who repeatedly puts you down. 
  • keep going back to people who speak ill of you behind your back.
  • hang out with people who make fun of you.
  • try to be someone you are not to just “fit in”.

Develop your boundaries early, as the habits we develop at an early age stick with us throughout our lives.  Free yourself from any negativity so that it does not impact your future personality and relationships. 



No doubt, it is imperative to develop healthy habits for teenage girls.  A healthy teen will never compromise on their health. 

Having good health allows teenage girls to be more independent

This means they: 

  • Are not afraid to take responsibility. 
  • Know what’s right for them and what serves them. 
  • Get things done in a timely manner.
  • Understand their boundaries and communicate them effectively. 
  • Have healthy relationships with family, friends and significant others.

Which of our healthy habits for teenage girls do you plan to implement?

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