The COVID pandemic has had severe repercussions on mental health and it is affecting every level of society. One group that is often forgotten is children who are growing up amidst this crisis. Children endure some of the strangest conditions the industrial world ever had to experience. Indeed they are affected, thus, parents should know how to deal with the children’s transition back to the classroom.

This is affecting them in many ways, especially when it comes to hectic school schedules and the uncertainty of the situation. Children need structure, and when this structure becomes eroded, morale declines. 

3 Ways To Help Children Transition Back To The Classroom

Here are a few tips for parents trying to get their children reacquainted with in-class teaching.

Have A Natural Conversation With Them

The first thing that you should do for a smooth transition back to the classroom is to talk to them about their feelings at the moment. 

help children transition back to the classroom

You want to act strictly as a sounding board. Do not try to give them advice in any way. Just let them talk and listen to what they have to say.

In some cases, they might find solutions to certain issues on their own or you could get a chance to know what they have in their mind.

One thing you certainly have to do is not brush off their concerns or belittle them.

Even if some of their fears might seem irrational or you feel they’re making a mountain out of a molehill, you have to understand that some issues can seem that way to a child.

Ridiculing them will only push them to close up and be reluctant to share their concerns with you again.

Share Your Feelings

One thing you can do, however, is sharing your feelings whenever you feel it’s appropriate.

For instance, you could tell them about a situation that happened to you that was similar to a problem they’re experiencing and what you did to overcome it.

This could be a great way for them to draw inspiration from you instead of you trying to push your opinions on them.  In this way, you can help children transition back to the classroom.

a father and child sitting sharing feelings

Guard their Emotional Well-Being

One of the most important strategies for children transition back to the classroom is to guard their emotions during these uncertain times.

Children can deal with just as much anxiety as parents, if not more, and they might be wary about the future.

They might be worried about things like financial insecurity if they notice that you’ve been furloughed or notice that you might be pulling back on certain expenses.

You have to reassure them that you’re doing everything in your power to allow them to have the things they’ve always enjoyed, but you have to trust their maturity enough to tell them if things are going wrong.

Check out these emotional wellbeing backtoschool strategies from Dr. Jules Nolan if you need a bit of guidance in this respect.

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Children are much better at understanding tough situations than we often imagine and they will be reassured if you can talk to them honestly.

It will prepare them for things to come and make sure that they don’t meltdown.

These are all simple tips that you can use starting today to help your children transition back to the classroom. Make sure that they are prepared now and guide them every step of the way. 

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