Having traveled the world with our kids, we have gained important knowledge about travel essentials for toddlers.  In fact, when traveling with toddlers, we’ve utilized a wide range of toddler equipment.  

Things that we are passionate about or cannot travel without are included in our list of the essential items for toddlers.  We are delighted to recommend these 11 travel essentials for toddlers to enjoy your time away.

These are travel essentials for kids will keep you sane on every excursion.

Travel Essentials For Toddlers

If you’re planning on traveling with youngsters, make sure to pack these travel essentials for toddlers to keep them safe and comfortable. As an additional tip, we parents to get first aid and CPR training in case an emergency happens during your trip, this way you will keep your toddler safe.

1.Travel Stroller and Toddler Carrier

It doesn’t matter which type of excursion you’re taking the method your toddler prefers to use for transportation is crucial.

When our kids were infants and toddlers, we used strollers for travel.  But our youngest was only nine months old when we last used one.

Chicco stroller is a great choice for numerous situations, but it can be a nuisance.  We upgraded to the Best double stroller to travel with as quickly as it was possible.

Our son was 9 years old, we switched to an infant car seat for travel.  We started using backpack carriers when we could travel. 

The two Deuter Kid Comfort backpack carriers were bought by us, and have proven to be extremely useful in carrying toddlers while traveling. 

They are so comfortable that kids will be happy for hours, which allows you to take your trip further.

Chicco stroller - Travel Essentials for Toddlers

2. White Noise Machine – Travel Essentials For Toddlers

Since our children were infants we have been using white noise to help them sleep.   It’s an excellent choice for families with two children and two dogs living at home.

A white noise machine is a flexible and helpful toddler travel aid that is extremely efficient and takes up very little room. 

3. Spill-Proof Snack Cup

It might sound funny, but our easiest toddler travel essentials is a simple mug to eat from.  The handy cup travels all over the place with us.  It’s our simplest but most beloved piece of equipment for traveling with toddlers.

This travel-friendly snack cup is an excellent opportunity to entertain kids and pass the time while traveling.

4. Leak-Proof, Spill-Proof, Break-Proof Sippy Cup

Our second eating recommendation is simple, functional Slow flow sippy cups.  We always carry these spill-proof water cups with hard spouts.

In fact, having water on hand is vital when traveling with kids of any age.  Most people know that clean drinking water is not always available.  Therefore, our best advice is to make sure you always take a supply of clean water for your kids.

5. High Chair – Travel Essentials For Toddlers

Let’s face it, toddlers are messy eaters.  High chairs are typically offered in a restaurant, and it’s worthwhile carrying your own travel high chair

Our high-travel chair has been used in a variety of locations such as our Airbnb apartment and our hotel room.

My Little Seat fabric highchair was easy to carry around and to take on everyday travel. 

Parents who are looking for the most robust high chair for travel can think about using the Toogel portable model. 

high chair for travel

6. Inflatable Airplane Toddler Bed

One of the most important aspects of having a good day in the car is getting your child to sleep in an airplane.  A toddler bed is an ideal solution to travel on planes.

We’ve purchased two Fly Tot airplane cushions, and our children have easily fallen asleep each time we’ve used them.  They even work really well in a car!

7. Toddler Travel Beds Are Travel Essentials For Toddlers

If you wish for your child to travel on holiday it is crucial to follow their routine at home.  It is easier for them to have the same toddler bed, no matter where you travel.

The Lotus Travel Crib is a sleeping bed for toddlers, but it’s not an actual tent.  It is equipped with backpack straps, that can carry it in bags.

8. Volume-Limiting Toddler Headphones

We make sure that we have plenty of cartoons and movies on our tablets for entertainment on the road.  For toddlers, it’s important to control the volume of whatever it is they are listening to.

Be aware that headphones designed for toddlers that have a volume that is less than 10 dB will not be loud enough to be heard in the noise of planes. 

9. EPIC! Read App – Travel Essentials For Toddlers

The Epic app is our top choice for books when travelling!  Its Digital Library is very extensive and will keep kids entertained for hours!

We used to bring a number of our most loved books along on our trips.  However, we weren’t thrilled with the weight or the volume they took in carry-on bags.  EPIC takes all that away.

10. Swaddle Blankets

They also make great travel essentials for toddlers as they are light, compact and versatile.   Swaddle blankets are suitable to serve a variety of purposes such as shade or ground cover.

11. Toddler Travel Toys

We don’t suggest that you travel with a backpack full of toys.  However, it is vital to have activities to keep them busy when travelling!

Sitting in planes or cars is not easy for these energetic little people!  So, we suggest taking plenty of options with you.

Montessori created a travel busy board, and there are other activity boards suitable to travel.

Sticker sets work well, as do re-usable activity books.  There are even LCD doodle pads that provide hours of entertainment.

Travel Toys - Travel Essentials for Toddlers


As a parent, it is important to be prepared for anything when you are traveling with your toddler.  The 11 travel essentials for toddlers on this list will help make your trip run smoothly and keep your child safe and comfortable.

Whether you are heading off on that trip of a lifetime or going away for the weekend, toddlers have certain requirements.  Activities to keep kids entertained in a car or plane, food items and even sleeping requirements.  Have you packed everything you need?