As vaping has become wildly popular, the market has grown ripe with newer innovations to help make the experience of the vapers all the better. That is how vape mods came about. These are some great devices that have completely revolutionized how people used to inhale the vapors produced from dried herbs or the Vape Juice used in vaporizers such as Firefly 2 vaporizer. In this article, we will mention what a vape mod actually is. Then, we will talk about the advantages that you can get from vaping a mod and also highlight the few cons the vape mod has. And lastly, we will talk about some brands offering the best vape mods for your use.

What Does a ‘Vape Mod’ Actually Do?

A vape mod or a dry herb vaporizer mod is actually a short form of the term ‘vaporizer modification’. It is a very modern and more advanced take on the conventional vape pens or vape pod systems that people have been using for a long time. The chronology started off with the introduction of vape pens which include all the different parts like mouthpiece, battery, heating coil, cartridge, etc. in one body. Then came the vape pods after the normal vaporizer. These are bigger systems with all the advanced parts needed for vaping. And now, the innovations have given rise to vape mods, which are modified vape pods. These are better because they have more customization options just like those nicotine vapes Australia offers to its consumers.


What Are the Advantages You Can Get From Vape Mods?

1. Customizable Settings: Any seasoned vaper finds the customizations significant. They prefer to configure their device according to personal choices. Thus, vape mods serve as great devices for those who need a tailored touch in their vaping experience.

2. Larger Batteries: Vape mods boast larger batteries, delivering an extended vaping experience. These are viable options for those dissatisfied with the short-lived sessions offered by vape pens.

3. More Vapors: Users discover the vape mods’ significant advantage in their ability to produce more vapor than other vaping devices; consequently, they facilitate a richer and more fulfilling vaping experience.

What Are The Disadvantages of The Vape Mods That You Must Know?

1. Box Mods: Certain types of vape mods, characterized by their bulky box-like shape, are called ‘box mods’. They boast not only more power but also a vast range of customization options. They, however, have limited portability. Also, you may have difficulties in mastering their usage.

2. Tube Mods: These have limited features compared with the box mods. They also do not provide the powerful vapors that you can get from box mods.

3. Mechanical Mods: The biggest con of the mechanical mods is that they have no safety features. Thus, they cannot be used by beginners and require expert handling.

4. Pod Mods: These are the smallest and most compact vape mods. Hence, their disadvantage is that they have smaller battery power compared to the other types. And they also provide fewer customization features.

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3 Brands Offering The Ultimate Vape Mods

We have personally tried and tested the products and the offerings of these outlets to get the options that you can use for yourself. Here are the brands that you must check out when you are shopping for the ideal vape mod:

1. Firefly: This brand is the leading name in the vaping industry with its own vape pens and vape mods. You can check out their models on the official website to find the product that suits you the best.

2. ModGods: ModGods have become wildly popular these days for their award-winning vaping mods. They are thus a great option for you if this is the first time you are buying these devices.

3. Vaporesso: Vaporesso is well-known not just for their vaping devices but also for the parts of these devices such as the cartridges, etc. You can find out more about them from their website.


Now, you are aware of the vape mods and all the types of these devices. We have also outlined the pros and cons that you can find while using the vape mods. After weighing your options, if you believe vape mods are what you should go for, do check out the brands we have recommended for you at the end of this article.