It is not easy to build a brand like mr bet. What you need is a clear approach to what you want to achieve. Most businesses have good products, but they fail at creating a brand. Often, marketers and business owners make mistakes in this process — mistakes that we will discuss next.

Mistake 1: Not Knowing the Customer

One of the most important things about branding is understanding your customer—not just your customer, but your target customer. To do this, you must build a customer profile, or what others call a customer avatar.

A customer avatar is a definition of who your customer is. It is a set of characteristics that will serve as your guideline when creating ads.

Here is an example:

●    Corporate woman, 25 to 45 years old;

●    Loves fashion, especially trendy ones;

●    Watches the Kardashians;

●    Single, does not want to get married yet;

●    Career-oriented.

If you have a customer avatar like this, all your marketing messages, slogans, and photos will be geared towards this person. Because of this, you should be able to create branding campaigns that attract this type of audience.

Mistake 2: Not Creating a Branding Scheme Standard

The other mistake that business owners often make is not creating a branding standard. Here are the most common ones that you must have:

●    Standard colour schemes;

●    Standard logo design;

●    Standard fonts.


The color schemes must blend well. You can customize color palettes online and see what colors complement each the most. Then, you must use the same color palettes in your logo, your website borders, texts, fonts, image backgrounds, etc.

The same thing with the logo. You must not use different logos. You must only use one, and that logo must work well in either colour or in black and white.

The standards must also complement each other. You do not need to use many of them. About three fonts should be fine. Use these standard fonts in your headers and texts, and don’t forget to use them in your logo or slogans.

Mistake 3: Not Investing in Marketing Copy

Marketing copy is the text that you use in your landing pages, advertisements, images, and social media posts. It may seem easy to write an ad copy, but it isn’t. Thousands of books have been written about marketing, so there is a process to it — a secret if you want to call it that.

When writing anything, your goal is to convince a person, the reader, to take action. What this action is depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Here are some examples:

●   Download an app;

●    Sign up for an email subscription;

●    Buy a product;

●    Test a software program.

Writing an ad copy is not as easy as it may seem. You must take into consideration the kind of customers you want to take action with and use the right words and emotional tactics to convince the readers or viewers to do something.

Marketing and building a brand are an art and a process. To succeed, you need to take into serious consideration your customer or target market. In addition, you must use the right approach words to convince them to do something — buy your product.


Overall, the best place to start is to understand who your customer is. Now, tell him about the customer’s pain points and that you have the solution. It is also imperative that you standardize our branding color, fonts, and logos — your brand is what people should remember you by, so the messaging should be the same on all fronts.