Are you planning to install new windows for your home? Windows replacement Vaughan involves more than choosing what design you like, purchasing the windows and having them professionally installed. Sure, the installers take care of the actual installation. However, there are a few things you need to do on your end as well.

In this article, you will find advice on how to prepare for windows replacement Vaughan. If you need assistance in selecting the best windows for your home, contact your local windows and doors company for expert advice.

Prepping for Windows Replacement Vaughan

1. Order Your Windows’ Replacement Vaughan From A Reputable Window And Door Manufacturer.

The obvious first step is to order Vaughan replacement windows. Decide which windows need to be replaced. Have an idea of what style of windows you wish to order. Do you want double-hung or slider windows? Are you considering bow or bay windows? Do you prefer crank-style windows such as awning or casement windows? How about a gorgeous picture window to make any room appear larger and brighter? Your local windows company is happy to discuss any and all options for new windows at your initial consultation and provide a free quote.

You also need to decide on upgrades and/or customizations. Do you want stained glass, frosted glass, or tinted windows? How about double or triple-pane windows for enhanced energy efficiency? Are you ordering customized windows, such as circular or hexagonal-shaped windows?


 Be sure to ask about features such as multipoint locking systems for added home security. Tempered glass is another way to protect your home.

2. Schedule Your Windows Replacement, Vaughan, And Be Prepared For The Unexpected.

Once you have ordered your windows, you must schedule a time for installation. Set a backup date in case of any unforeseen events. Family emergencies, inclement weather, and other factors might cause you to have to reschedule your window installation.

3. Prepare Your Home Prior To Installation Day.

Once you select your windows and have confirmed the installation date, you need to ensure that your home is ready. Waiting until the installation appointment to prep your home is too stressful. It is best to prepare a day or two in advance to ensure a smooth process for both you and the installment team.

Firstly, you need to protect your belongings. Remove any breakable objects that are near the installation area, inside and outside your home. Move or cover any furniture, rugs, or carpets to protect them from getting dirty during the installation process. Use plastic covers or drop cloths to protect your belongings.

Take some time to clear the area near your windows. The installers require a clear space in order for windows replacement Vaughan. As well, remove any window treatments such as curtains, shutters, blinds, and rods.

4. Last-Minute Prep On The Day Of Windows Replacement, Vaughan.

Someone of adult age is required to be present at the time of installation. Prior to their arrival, take time to disarm any alarm systems.


As well, ensure that your pets are in a secure place such as their kennel or a spare room, to prevent them from escaping during the installation process. Not only will your windows be exposed, but the installers will be making multiple trips in and out of your home. Lastly, make sure that there is available parking for the installers’ vehicles prior to their arrival.

5. Clean Up Process

Once they have completed the window installation Vaughan, and the installers clean the work areas. Be sure that they inspect the newly installed windows to ensure that they properly complete the job. They also remove any of their tools and debris prior to leaving your premises.

Some Windows installers remove the old windows as part of the installation process. However, if this is not the case, you need to plan for disposing of them.

Once the installers leave, you can remove any coverings, tidy up the room, and replace your personal belongings. You can also replace your old window treatments or change up the room by adding new window treatments. Use this process as a chance to update the interior of your home.