We all love and adore our moms, and what better way to celebrate their special day than by surprising them with a dessert? A sweet treat is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Plus, our surprise gift will show our love and appreciation for all that our moms do for us.

If you’re looking for a dessert to impress your mother on her special day, you can’t go wrong with one of these 10 Mother’s Day dessert recipes, from fancy brownie boxes to blondies and more. There is something for everyone here!

10 Amazing Best Mother’s Day Dessert Boxes

These fancy and delicious dessert box ideas are the perfect solution for reminding your mother of the love she deserves! Check out this ultimate collection of dessert ideas to surprise your mother on Mother’s Day.

Brownie and Cookie Box

A customized box of brownies and cookies is the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Chummys Bakery serves the hot-rated brownies and cookies collection to deliver throughout the UK. Book your order this Mother’s Day and surprise your mother by sending the perfect dessert box to her doorstep. There is no need to visit the store personally; Chummys Bakery solves this problem by hosting an online delivery store.

Strawberry Shortcake In A Jar

Indulge in the taste of summer with a classic strawberry shortcake, perfect for your Mother’s Day celebration. The recipe begins with light and fluffy biscuits that bake to perfection. The biscuits are topped with juicy, fresh strawberries rich in flavor and color. A dollop of whipped cream is added to the top to add a layer of creamy goodness. This dessert is a delightful mixture of flavors that will impress your guests.

Strawberry Upside-Down Cake

Strawberry upside-down cake is a traditional dessert that people love to enjoy. The cake is made by placing slices of pineapple and maraschino cherries on the bottom of a cake pan and then pouring batter. After baking, the cake is inverted onto a serving platter, revealing a beautiful golden crust and a delicious layer of caramelized fruit. You can use any fruit or topping of your choice underneath the cake batter to create a unique and stunning dessert.

A Fruit Tart Box

If your mom loves fruit tarts, surprising her with this lovely fruit tart box is the best idea. Make her fall in love with the presentation and taste of this yummy fruit tart, which is also very easy to prepare at home.


Make it the star of your Mother’s Day brunch or as an easy, warm-weather treat to indulge in anytime.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

This yummy chocolate mousse cake is the finest dessert idea to surprise your mother. This chocolate cake dessert is a must-try if she is a chocolate lover! Yet, the best part is that you can even bake it at home to give it a more velvety and smooth touch. This cake is layered with moist chocolate cake and then topped with chocolate ganache.

Oreo Cookie Cake Box

This version of the original cookie cake takes it up a notch by adding cookies inside the cake. It is filled with chopped Oreos instead of chocolate chips. Also, topped with a rich Oreo buttercream instead of plain chocolate or vanilla frosting and garnished with even more Oreos.

Lemon Bars In A Box

For moms who like tangy and refreshing desserts, lemon bars are an excellent choice. These bars have a buttery shortbread crust topped with a zesty lemon filling and finished with a dusting of powdered sugar. They are perfect for bringing a little sunshine to your plate! These small-sized lemon bars look super cute and delicious in a box.

Customized Bundle Box

In a customized bundle box, there are many options to choose from. Whether you can choose delightful and creamy cupcakes or different flavors of chocolates, prepare them in a nice gift box.


 If your mom is so fond of sweet delights, then gift her different desserts in a box. Make it super customized with min cupcakes, oreo shots, marshmallows, and more.

2 In 1 Dessert Box

In this 2 in 1 dessert box, you can put some sweet delights along with some special gifts. You can choose something like a wallet, cosmetics, skincare, or spa options in a customized dessert box. In that way, you can surprise your mom with something sweet to eat while maintaining her skin.

Red Velvet Ice Cream

This recipe is for delicious homemade red velvet ice cream with a creamy texture and a classic chocolatey, tangy red velvet flavor. It is made with buttermilk and cocoa powder. To capture the essence of red velvet, add a swirl of cream cheese frosting throughout the ice cream. Also, add some crumbled red velvet cake into it so you can enjoy bits of cake in every bite.


These delicious sweet treats are the perfect option to surprise your mother and make her smile more. Mothers are the most precious creatures in the world, and somehow, they don’t treat themselves well. That’s why it is important for kids to surprise their mothers or at least make them feel special this Mother’s Day by sending them the best dessert box. In our above-mentioned list of 10 best Mother’s Day dessert box ideas, you will get the one that is best for your mother!