When it comes to designing our children’s room, we must tap into our inner child to create a room that will instill in our kids the awe-inspiring. We must give our kids a sense of wonder, a creative side, and a hunger to explore the world via this room. To relieve the pressure, we need to look into some kid’s room idea to create something magical.

Here Are 10 Kid’s Room Ideas You Can Create

With this said, you don’t have to break the bank to create a special room, rather, it is about knowing how to work with the space you have, a bit of research on baby shops online and some DIY projects, and the following are a few tips on how you can start getting magical.

a happy boy with his bookshelf and tent inside the room

String Lights

When a chandelier is out of your budget but you want to create a magical place for your child at night, then string lights are a great option for a fraction of the price. Whether draped over your child’s bed or strung curtain-like to a window, string lights will create a peaceful aura for your child at night.

Raining Books

Another option for a chandelier is having old books hanging from the ceiling. This bedroom idea is a dreamy statement to make for any room. All you need is some old books, preferably hardbacks or you can tear the cover and simply leave the pages, open them in half and tie them with a very thin string to the ceiling.

Chalkboard Wall Kid’s Room Idea

When you want to give your kids a place to draw, write and see their ideas unfold on a large scale, then having a chalkboard wall in their room for them to scribble away is the perfect option.

Kids bedroom ideas chalk board

Large Scale Photos

When framed photographs are not enough for you, then blowing up a photo on one of their wall. This kid’s room idea will bring animation to the room. Choose a photo that brings all the siblings together or the whole family; choose a very special day for them or a moment they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Canopy Tent Kid’s Room Idea

Create a dreamy sleeping nook for your child or a place where they can read or play with a canopy tent. You can choose the fabric which best suits the room and one in your budget, then all you need is some DIY skills to create the structure.

Glow In The Dark Stars

When you want to bring the night sky to your child’s room without having to raise your electricity bill then use glow the dark star over the room is a good kid’s room idea you would consider.

Kids bedroom ideas stars glowing in the dark

Vintage Frames

Display your kid’s art while minimizing the clutter by framing them in vintage frames. Mixing and matching the pieces found in thrift stores for a shabby chic design is a good kid’s room idea.

Family Tree

If you want to show off your painting skills and you want to teach your kids about their lineage, then painting a family tree on the wall, and keeping the rest of the walls neutral is another option.

Statement Furniture Kid’s Room Idea

Bunk beds and generic furniture are always a great option but a statement piece in your child’s room will bring character to space. Whether you go looking for baby furniture in Sydney’s contemporary stores or you go browse through old furniture shops and invest in something that you can paint yourself, don’t ever think that you have to stick to the same old furniture for your kids’ room.

statement furniture for kids

Brick Wall

When you want your child’s rooms to be clean, modern, and one that blends with the rest of the house, then a brick wall is the way to go. Brick walls bring character to any room, they always look clean and they will be such an unexpected touch because it is not really done!

To Wrap Up

Conceptualizing how to improve our kid’s room can sometimes give us pressure and difficulty on how and where to start.

Through these 10 kids bedroom ideas, you can create a better place to build good memories for your kids.

If you have applied these ten kid’s room ideas, absolutely! you will feel satisfied and happy for your kids. Therefore, mission accomplished!

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