Did your kid outgrow their nursery? Maybe their room is just in need of a bit of refreshing. Or you moved houses and need to renovate their room from scratch. No matter the reason, decorating kids room can be a hard task for adults. But if your kids are old enough, you can get kids interested in decorating their bedrooms.

Most kids love to be creative and independent, but this task is more than that—it can teach them important skills that will provide them with knowledge on how to decorate their homes once they move out.

In case they are not interested in the job, here are a few tricks to get kids interest in decorating their bedroom.

Ways To Get Kids Interest In Decorating Their Bedrooms

1. Let Them Help With Painting

If your kid is old enough to be trusted around the paint, consider allowing them to help with painting—this is a very exciting task for them.

At first, you will need to supervise them closely and teach them the proper techniques and paint safety, but you’ll be surprised how quickly they learn.

Encouraging your kids to help can potentially even save you a bit of time since they can finish the entire bottom portion of the wall or paint behind the furniture or the radiator.

get kids interest to decorate through wall painting

2. Create a Blackboard Wall on the Kid’s Room

When painting the walls, consider turning one of them into a giant blackboard with blackboard paint.

You might not like the look of it now, but being able to create artwork on the wall will appeal to all kids.

Plus, they can easily change the images and have a new look almost every day. If that’s too much for you, a large whiteboard will have similar results. 

3. Focus on the Flooring Together

Flooring is very important in kids’ bedrooms because they just love to spend time on the floor, rolling around, drawing, or playing.

So when choosing a new floor cover, bring your child to the store or put them up beside you when online shopping, and ask for their opinion when it comes to size, pattern, and material.

There are so many cute rugs online that your kid will have a hard time choosing, so make their choice easier by selecting a few suitable pieces and allowing them to make the executive decision.

A proper rug will improve the usability of the room and add a lot of flair to it, so choosing such an important element will make your kid very proud.

4. Let Them Choose Their Bed/Bedding

If their bedroom needs new furniture, you might consider letting your child choose their own bed to get them involved more.

In case you have a sharing situation in the bedroom, this is a great opportunity to teach them teamwork and compromise.

Bunk beds are usually a good way to go in case you have a small space to work with.

Provide them with a few choices of beds with under-bed storage and they will love making this adult choice. 

If your kids are too young for choosing such an important element as the bed, you can encourage them to pick out their bedding.

Today, all retailers have a great selection of bedding with kids’ favorite cartoon characters, superheroes, pop stars and TV shows, so it will certainly be easy for your kid to find something they like.

5. Put Up Their Artwork In Kids Room

Usually, kids love to draw and paint from the time they learn what that is.

If you want to encourage them to decorate their room and exercise their creativity, make sure to put up some of their work on the walls.

Sit down with them and ask them to choose their favorite artwork so you can put it up using Blu-Tack or frame it for a more permanent and elegant look. 

6. Let Them Display Their Personal Collection or Crafts

Kids are known to go wild with making personal collections. Most of these collections can be turned into beautiful decorations with frames and shelves.

In case they have none, you can make decorations together.

Kids love to display things, and making those things themselves will make them even prouder.

As you support your kid’s passion, you can look for some of the top gifts for your kid’s craft for Christmas

to get kids interest to decorate let them display their crafts and artworks on the wall

7. Display Their Favorite Toys To Kids Room

Kids’ rooms look very good when decorated with quirky items, and their toys are perfect for this task.

Ask your kid to pile up their balls, bats, legos, cars, and musical instruments, so you can work together and create a beautiful display that will show off their personality.

If your kid is into girly stuff, you can create a spot to line up their dolls, plushies, and books. Toys have a strong meaning for kids, and displaying them in their space will make them very proud.

Allowing them to showcase their uniqueness will encourage them to take care of their bedroom and pursue their interests.


Involving your kid in the decorating process of their bedrooms has many benefits: they will learn decision-making, responsibility, and various household skills.

It will also allow you to get to know your growing kid better. So next time there’s a makeover on the horizon, employ these tips and allow your kids to take charge.

Moreover, when you get kids interested in decorating their bedroom, it is a perfect moment to build a strong bond with them. Making them happy, find out more ideas.

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