Many different ways to create a strong family bond which is an essential thing a family should have. One of the most important elements of a close relationship within your family is to have shared experiences together.

When you do family activities, you create lots of memories together. Whether big adventures or small mundane things, these experiences stack up to be very important in strengthening your family bond

If you are looking for an activity that the whole family can be part of and can offer you a chance to teach valuable lessons about working hard, finishing something you start, resilience, and celebrating positive attitudes, house painting might be the perfect activity for you. 

House Painting Can Offer More Than Just a Refreshed Living Space

A fresh coat of paint in any house can do wonders to transform your environment into a fresh, inviting space. It is an activity that is not very expensive to undertake but has a big impact on the overall feel of your home.

You always have the option to hire professional house painters to get the job done fast and to a high standard. However, you’d consider that the experience of doing this together could be worth it in many other ways.

Important Lessons Kids Will Learn Through House Painting

Keep in mind that a family activity like house painting is most appropriate when your kids are old enough. Because of that, they can understand instructions and safely work with paint without eating it!

family bonding through painting

Working Hard On Completing A Task

If you’ve painted a house before, you will know that the novelty wears off after a couple of hours of painting. The job becomes tedious, especially when you must apply a second or even third coat.

By this activity together, you will demonstrate to kids that there are times you have to stick with a project. Once done, kids will get the satisfaction of finishing a task as well as the final product. 

You have the opportunity to show your kids that it is okay to take breaks and to pace yourself. However, not giving up on a task because it has become boring, or tiring is a very important lesson.

Responsibility In Completing Their Task

preparing the house to be painted with kids

Another lesson that you can teach is how important attitude is in contributing to a shared task. However, depending on the ages of your children, you could delegate areas or jobs to your kids to complete.

This gives them a sense of autonomy and independence because it promotes a sense of responsibility for their allocated task. 

Moreover, your kids will see that by completing their tasks to the best of their ability.

And also, they will contribute to the overall completing of the project. In addition, knowing and feeling that they are an integral part of the team. 

Through a house painting, this will develop a solid family bond and cooperation.

Resilience In The Face Of A Second Coat

A family bonding through painting your house is unique. It is a great experience to complete one coat, having a rest and then repeating it all again for the second coat.

However, at some point, you and your kids may have enough of this activity and want to move on. This is a gentle teaching moment of resilience.

Because of that, kids can see that they are an important part of the ‘painting team’. Moreover, they will see that the task needs to be completed by everyone seeing it through until the end. 

In between coats, make sure that you all have a rest. Grab some food together and create an environment that is fun, memorable, and exciting.

After a good rest, motivate yourself and your team to tackle the second coat with a positive attitude. Focus on the transformation that is happening before your eyes as well. 

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gets kids involved with painting house

Celebrating Positive Attitudes Together

When you’ve completed your second (or third) coat of paint, step back and admire the work that you’ve just undertaken. Also, be sure to celebrate together as a family with all the hard work. Moreover, the effort that you have all invested into improving your shared home. 

Further, focus on and celebrate the attitude of each of your kids. Especially, when they look tired or bored and how they pulled through and kept at it.

You could do this project over a weekend so that you can pace yourselves. Moreover, if it is a large space that you are painting together. Celebrate with an exciting meal together, toasting the masterpiece which you all created together. You had a great family bond of painting your house.


If the result is patchy and uneven, you can always get your home professionally painted.

But, consider that the effort and shared experience together are worth its weight in gold.

As a family, you can look back and laugh at the experience you had together when you painted your house as a family. 

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