Having a toddler in the house is an amazing adventure. You’re always on your toes and you may hear the word “no” more than you could have ever imagined possible. But, it is an exciting and loving time! Kids are only this little once and there are so many unique ways to bond with your toddler sweet and tender age.

Read on to learn about creative ways that you can bond with your toddler.

Bond With Your Toddler by Cooking Together

ways to bond with toddler

Turn mealtime into a fun toddler-inclusive adventure by having a little helper in the kitchen. Every parent wants their toddler to have well-balanced nutritious meals but not every toddler wants to eat a carrot. Having your toddler involved with the preparation of their own meals may make mealtime less challenging.

Cooking your toddler’s meals with their help may make some odd-looking orange circles turn into a vivid happy memory of counting. In your toddler’s eyes, those odd-looking orange circles are now 6 car tires that they created and molded at the car factory.

Bond With Your Toddler  by Exploring the Outdoors

how to bond with a toddler

Most toddlers love the outdoors. Spending time outdoors is so beneficial to both toddlers and parents. Toddlers get to explore their imagination, get fresh air, soak in some vitamin D, and so much more! Parents get to enjoy the fact that their child is having fun and also using a lot of energy, which will contribute to them getting a great nap later in the day. 

Explore the outdoors with your toddler and take a look into how they may see the world. A slide may be a giant whale, a seesaw maybe a pirate ship, and the monkey bars may quite literally be a giant tree in the jungle. Enjoy the world from your toddler’s point of view and play!

Getting Messy Bonding With Your Toddler

We know for some parents getting messy every day may not work and that’s okay! But, for the days that it can, here are some creative ways that you can bond with your toddler:

  • Painting

fun way to play with toddler

Colors, expression, and imagination! Toddlers love painting and making art.

These days, there are so many easy clean-up paint options and that eases a lot of stress from parents.

Have your toddler paint whatever their hearts desire on some paper or a canvas.

  • Making Sand 

If you can’t get to the beach, you can make one! All it takes is 1/4 cup of baby oil for every 2 cups of flour. Make some sand and have your toddler play on their very own private beach in your yard.

Bond With Your Toddler by Practicing Self Care Together

Self-care is incredibly important for all members of the family, even the little ones. Toddlers experience sad feelings, long days, and moments of frustration as well.

Just as adults expect to be able to wind down and find relaxation, we should expect the same for toddlers. Some acts of self-care that you and your toddler can practice together are;

  • Have a Special Breakfast

On a Saturday or whenever the family’s schedule allows, switch up breakfast by having something extravagant.

Instead of regular pancakes, try blueberry; or, try your hand at freshly squeezed orange juice; maybe even add something new to the menu that your family doesn’t normally have.

Waking up to a special breakfast is especially nice when the evening before might have been rough for the family.

Maybe your toddler was extra cranky last night and you also had a long day at work.

Start the new day fresh by indulging in a “special occasion” meal, even if that day isn’t deemed an official special occasion.

ways parents can bond with their toddler
  • Get Dressed Up and Go Out  

Believe it or not, just like adults, toddlers can appreciate wearing a cute outfit and having an outing. A trendy toddler is a happy toddler! Get you and your toddler dressed in your best and visit somewhere new or one of your favorite places. Sometimes all we need to feel better is to get out of the house!


Building strong relationships is an essential avenue in a toddler’s life. Having a firm bond with their parents and guardians gives toddlers a sense of safety and security. It’s also beneficial to a parent or guardian to take the time to understand the world from their toddler’s eyes and these creative bonding methods will definitely help with that.

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