Kids are creatures that tend to be curious and active. They always try to explore their surroundings and find things that can amuse them. This event still happens when they are at home. Although this is good for their growth, it can be dangerous if they play with home appliances that can be harmful such as those that have electricity. So, knowing how to clean washing machine is not enough because you also have to know how to make sure it is out of your kids’ reach. This is the same with other electronics in your home. The following are 3 ways to keep your kids away from home appliances that could be harmful.

Educate and Supervise the Kids

The first and foremost act that you can do to protect your kids from potentially harmful home appliances is to educate and supervise them. You have to tell them that it’s dangerous to play with home appliances such as the oven, stove, iron, washing machine, and so on.


Then, you can start observing them to see whether they comply with your instruction or become even more curious. If they understand and comply with what you tell them, then it’s okay. But if they become more curious, then you have to quickly prevent them from playing with those home appliances.

Put Some Child Safety Locks

If education and supervision are not enough, then you have to start putting some child safety locks. These locks are easy to find, so you won’t have any problems buying them. You can put those locks on home appliances that have doors such as the oven and washing machine. That way, you won’t have to worry about your kids entering those home appliances when they play hide and seek anymore.

Organize and Store Power Cords Properly

Kids tend to like playing with something that they can hold and pull, so power cords will surely attract their attention. Surely you don’t want them to snap every power cord in your house, rendering your home appliances useless. Not to mention that they can also connect the power cords to power outlets and get harmed during the process.


So, always keep in mind that you must never leave power cords laying around and put power cords away after you use them. As for the power cords of the home appliances, you have to put them in places where your kids can’t see and reach them. For example, you can put your washing machine power cord behind the washing machine or on top of it every time you have finished using it.