Winter Activities Kids Will Love

We know you are always looking for inspiring winter activities for kids.

Staying cozy in the house while it snows outside seems fun at first, but after a couple of days you and your kids will start to experience “cabin fever.”

Cabin fever is the restless, bored feeling you get from being cooped up for too long.  Like when you haven’t stretched your legs from a long road trip.

When kids are bored it is not only their problem, it becomes yours.

Their constant moanings of “I’m bored,” are sure to drive you mad if you don’t think of a solution quick.

That’s where this guide comes in. Here is a list of 10 winter activities for kids to keep you from going stir-crazy.


1. Sledding

If your kids are jumping off the walls, take them outside!  This popular winter activity for kids is fun for adults too!

Racing down a slick hill is exhilarating and fun enough to keep your kids entertained for hours. Find a local park with a great sledding hill and go have fun.

Be sure to dress warm and wear bike helmets though! Sledding is enjoyable, but it can be dangerous too.


2. Bowling Is A Great Winter Activity For Kids

Blizzards can spoil outdoor winter activities pretty quickly with their negative temperature gusts and freezing snow.

So, on days like that, head down to your local bowling alley and hit some pins. Bowling is fun for kids of all ages and it will help keep you warm.

3. Snow Fort

If you want to challenge yourself and put the piles of snow in your yard to good use, try building a snow fort.

This fun winter activity for kids and you will have you work together to build tunnels and igloos out of snow.

You can even cut the top off of milk cartons to create a mold for your “snow blocks”.

See how long your fort holds up throughout the winter!


winter activity for kids

4.Board Games Are Traditional Winter Activities For Kids

Some days, even though it feels a little stuffy inside, you don’t feel like going out.

These great winter activities for kids will even get the adults involved.

Games can keep you occupied and entertained for hours, plus there’s a ton of options.


5. Visit the Library

What’s better than snuggling in a blanket and reading a good book?  One of our favourite family winter activities for kids as it involves the whole family.

Take your kids to the library and have them pick out some books they’d like to read when it’s too cold to go out.

Just remember to return your books before the due date so you don’t have to pay a late fee.


6. Teach Snowshoeing As Winter Activities For Kids

winter activities for young kids

Hiking is a great way to show your kids the great outdoors, be one with nature, and get some exercise.

However, the thick, deep snow can make hiking almost impossible—not to mention cold. This meas that snowshoeing is a great alternative and it’s something the whole family can enjoy.

7. Arts and Crafts

Want to try looming a hat or making friendship bracelets? What about painting a picture?

Crafts are a great way to get the whole family involved and make time pass in a fun, productive way.

This fun family activity for kids and adults adds the bonus that when you are done you’ll have something amazing to show for it.

Like board games, there are numerous crafts you can try and we found some great templates.


8. Ice Skating Is A Great Winter Activity For Kids

If you want to practice balancing and have a fun day, try ice skating! It’s a fun way to get the whole family together and spend time laughing.

Just be warned, you’ll probably fall!


9.Go skiing/snowboarding

If you have little kids, it might seem odd to teach them to snowboard or ski at a young age.  It’s easier for young kids to learn new things.

These fantastic family winter activities for kids will also have the adults in the group buzzing.

There are many different board and ski options for kids to teach them how to balance and have control from a young age.


winter activities for kids

 10. Classic Winter Activities For Kids – Build a Snowman

Building a snowman is a classic winter activity for the whole family.  It can even involve neighbours and friends.

If you have enough time try making a whole snow family.  Get the kids to name them and give them one each to look after.

It will be sure to keep them busy as the snow falls and adds to the characters.



Having fun in the winter may seem challenging but you’ll be surprised how quickly the cold months will pass with this guide.

Our fun winter activities for kids will ensure that both you and your children embrace the unique joy snow brings.

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