If you have started breastfeeding, you probably have discovered by now that your body is working very hard to  make enough food for your baby. So, your body needs to be properly nourished for it to be able to make enough good quality milk for your  your baby plus also nourish you. A great way to do this is to choose food that helps increase milk production. 

First-time moms are prone to ignoring their physical well-being due to being so focused on taking care of the baby. However, you need to take care of yourself first so you can also take care of the baby.

As well as food there are also medical supplements to help boost milk production and sometimes you can  get discounts for them.

There are also home remedies related to Ayurveda that are fulfilling to the stomach and provide complete nutrition to your postpartum body as well.

Also, don’t hesitate to take medical help if you think your baby is not getting the necessary food from you. Seek the help of your doctor, midwife or lactation consultant. 

Food Boosting Remedies for Lactating Moms

Let’s take a look at some of these remedies that help increase breast milk.

Seeds That Help To Increase Breast Milk


Fenugreek seeds have powerful lactating properties and it has been in use since ancient times in India, as an alternative therapy for women with low milk production.

These seeds have bioactive components diosgenin and phytoestrogen that give these lactation-boosting properties which makes them ideal for lactating mothers.

Take fenugreek seeds in the form of tea by boiling half a tsp of seeds in water and then straining them. For better taste, add a tsp of honey and consume it three times a day.

seeds to help boost milk production

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle or Mary Thistle helps produce prolactin which is a hormone that causes milk production in new mothers. 

It is also helpful in removing toxins from the body and acts as an efficient liver tonic.

Just take one teaspoon of crushed or ground milk thistle in water and brew it in the form of tea. Take it once a day.

milk thistle to increase breast milk

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds are excellent foods to increase breast milk, especially for new moms.

These seeds have an abundance of phytoestrogens, which is a hormone that induces prolactin in women. When a mother takes fennel seeds, it passes through the breast milk to the baby and improves digestion, and helps boost your baby’s immunity during the winter season.

You may take it in the form of tea or just chew on the seeds after meals.

fennel seeds to increase breast milk

Liquids To Increase Breast Milk


You might have heard this far too often but it really is a great solution to helping increase breast milk – Drink more water!

It is so important to your postpartum body to stay well hydrated, for so many reasons. When it comes to breast milk it is made of 80% water. Therefore, it makes sense to drink more water if you have a low supply.


Almon Milk

Almond milk is rich in calcium and protein and is a great alternative to cows milk when breastfeeding. A lot of babies have sensitivity to dairy when so young so swapping for almond milk can save you a lot of hassle from a fussy baby.

Due to its nutrient profile it is a great way to boost milk production.

Just soak 8-10 almonds overnight in water and blend them with milk to drink it.

almond milk to increase breast milk

Grain and Fruit To Increase Breast Milk


Barley which is from the whole-grain family, has been proved to be lactogenic (i.e. promote lactation).

It is among the richest dietary sources of beta-glucan which has been shown to boost prolactin production.

Put some whole-barley in your stews, soups, salads, and other recipes. Also, you can even use barley flakes in milk and have it for breakfast which is the primetime for breast milk production.

grains that help increase breast milk production


Papaya can be eaten raw or cooked in soups. It has been used in many cultures for postpartum recovery.

It has been shown to increase milk production and help unclog milk ducts.

You can eat papaya raw with yogurt or cereal. It is also good in savoury dishes.

what can i eat to help increase breast milk

Spices To Increase Breast Milk


Cinnamon is the Holy Grail in Ayurveda. Indians call it ‘Darcheeni’. It is an aromatic herb that not only enhances the taste of recipes but also nourishes moms in a lot of ways.

Cinnamon enhances digestion, improves skin health, is good for menstrual health, and helps in boosting lactation.

Mix a tsp of cinnamon powder in warm milk or water and add honey to it. Take it twice a day.

spices that help lactation

Ginger and Garlic

Ginger and garlic are a winning combination in terms of treating health problems.

They have antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties so help to fight off any unwanted sickness in mum which in turn helps your baby.

Therefore, new mothers are advised to eat ginger and garlic for the first month post-partum to keep a good supply of breast milk.

foods that help to increase breast milk

Star Anise

Star Anise is a herb that has strong estrogenic properties.  Consuming star anise helps unblock clogged milk ducts and increase breast milk production.

You can use star anise in lots of dishes including curries, soups, muffins and biscuits. You can also take anise by brewing it in the form of tea but beware its flavour is not for everyone.

Add honey or sugar to enhance taste and consume at least two cups daily after postpartum.

spices that help increase lactation


Cumin is a herb Indians swear by.

It has been in Indian culture for centuries and can be used in soups, curries, mexican and also enhances the taste of spicy dishes. 

Also, cumin is packed with iron that stimulates milk production in lactating mothers.

spices that help increase breast milk


These eleven home remedies can help increase breast milk for lactating moms. In addition, you can benefit from these foods without worries about side effects because they are natural and organic.

If you are looking for healthy foods with your meals and snacks that will help increase breast milk, these foods are great options.

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